Alicia Keys Posts This Incredibly Stupid Tweet, Then Deletes It

On Tuesday, singer Alicia Keys – who performed at the 2016 Democratic National Convention – posted this tweet:

This is just the sort of empty-headed virtue signaling you’d expect from a member of the political far-left who obviously knows nothing about the way radical Islam treats women. It's the idiocy of modern feminism in action. It’s one thing to defend the hijab, the Islamic head-covering that virtually all religious Muslim women wear. It’s another to defend the niqab, the face-covering into which many religious Muslim countries force women.

Here’s the fact: in the countries in which women typically wear the niqab, like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iran, a woman who exposed her leg the way the woman does in this photo would be criminally prosecuted. In Sudan in 2015, nine women were flogged for wearing pants. In Indonesia last year, a Muslim woman was flogged for standing in close proximity to her boyfriend. A few months ago, Saudi Arabia arrested a woman for taking a photograph without her abaya. Here is what that brazen hussy was wearing that the Saudis thought immodest:

The woman received death threats even before her arrest.

It’s easy to fetishize foreign cultures. But to glamorize a symbol of oppression for millions of women across the Muslim world – to pretend that the great threat to freedom comes from the west, which is willing to tolerate women wearing pretty much anything, rather than a radical Muslim world that uses the criminal law to penalize women who violate their standards of modesty – is asinine virtue signaling that forwards the oppression of women.


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