On Wednesday night, Ryerson University became the latest campus affected by the typical onslaught of protesters when conservative students express dissenting views from typical campus Marxism. But this time these “Social Justice Warriors” quickly descended into blatant anti-Semitism.

Ryerson Campus Conservatives hosted Rebel Media host and founder Ezra Levant. The allocution was mainly about the importance of free speech but also touched on radical Islamic ideology and Jewish issues on campus.

The Ryerson student union hosted a “decompression space” for anyone who was triggered by the fact a student group was hosting a talk from someone who deviated from typical Marxist ideology. Ryerson students apparently need a safe space when they become aware of someone who politically dissents from them.

About an hour before the speech began, around 20 protestors came with signs reading, “free speech does not equal hate speech” (they take hate speech to be any speech they hate), “stop giving white supremacy a platform” (nothing that came close to resembling white supremacy was said) and “free Palestine” (apparently a response to Levant’s Judaism).

When the lecture began the protestors blew rape whistles and blared sirens in an attempt to silence the speech. They then began nonsensical chanting with slogans such as “F*** white supremacy,” and “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho! Your racism has got to go.”

A group of them infiltrated the audience and interrupted, screaming “No Islamaphobia” in an attempt to shut down the lecture. The audience responded by chanting “Don’t shut down the Jews,” chased them outside with help of Ryerson security, then promptly continued the event.

I went outside to attempt and reason with them despite recognizing this would probably be a futile effort. I inquired about their perspective but was met with persistent shouting and sirens. I began taking photos of them only to have them cover up their faces. “Why are you covering yourself up, are you ashamed of your activities?” I asked, but I was met with rape whistles to drown out my voice.

But what happened next was the most disturbing aspect of the evening. The protestors chanted, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.” They were referring to the Jordan River to the east and the Mediterranean sea to the west, an area that represents the entirety of Israel. Ironically, they later screamed, “No anti-Semitism” (protesting, of course, a Jew speaking about Jewish issues).

I am grateful that Ryerson security was present and effective but I hope that the Ryerson administration issues a statement against the anti-Semitic protest that occurred last night, as this is a pervasive problem within the University.

I am doubtful that this will occur.