Scripps College: White Students Should Pay Non-White Students For No Apparent Reason

Scripps College continued its trajectory toward becoming the most racist college in the United States by approving two flyers that addressed different groups of people. According to The Claremont Independent, one of these flyers was titled "Quick Guide For White Students" and another was titled "Quick Guide For People Of Color And Marginalized Backgrounds."

The flyers were part of a campaign by two resident assistants to inform the Scripps student body about "emotional labor," which both flyers defined as "the exertion of energy for the purpose of addressing people’s feelings, educating, making people comfortable, or living up to social ‘expectations.’" The flyer addressed to people of color gave suggestions on how to deal with emotionally burdensome events such as interacting with people who don't agree with them on social media.

Here is what the flyer suggested to people of color on how to deal with such emotionally taxing activities:

First and Foremost: Take care of yourself. Decide if it’s worth your time. The burden does not rest on your shoulders! Remove yourself if possible/necessary. You don’t owe anyone anything at the expense of your mental health. / Second: If you do decide to engage, practice some of these tips to avoid overexertion for the sake of educating: Refer to a friendly Google search of the concept in question; Call in professors and white peers to help educate their peer(s); Charge for your services. If you’ve decided you’re going to do it, at least get paid; Visit your designated [dean of students on campus] to talk about ways to address the mental toll.

The flyer suggests that white students should pay to talk to non-white students for conversations about a variety of topics. This echoes the idea of individuals calling for reparations for black Americans for slavery, stating that those with a lighter skin complexion should pay for the sins the American south committed before 1865.

Elliot Dordick, the staff writer for The Claremont Independent who broke the story, told The Daily Wire that the flyers represent a greater problem not only with Scripps itself, but also the regressive left:

Scripps is a part of the Left and the Left, being naturally authoritarian, essentially demands racism when race is the issue du jour. To be on the Left is to care more about outcome than opportunity and to see any inequality as illegitimate theft by whoever has more of a given, desired trait -- in this case, money. If the narrative goes that white people have more money on average, it is only natural for leftists to demand, based on that stereotype, that whites pay nonwhites for even such reasonable tasks as simple conversation to the end of wealth redistribution amongst races. Neither facts nor logic, like the fact that many of the highest paying industries (sports, entertainment, etc.) are not exclusively dominated by whites or the logic that hard work rather than being born a certain color can account for real, long-lasting equality are of interest to these people.

Dordick further stated that by approving these flyers to be posted across campus, the Scripps administration normalized these racist attitudes among its student body. The administration has demonstrated cognitive dissonance on the question of progressive racism among its students. Two weeks ago, the administration told the managers of the student coffee shop, the Motley, that it had to erase statements like "F**k White People" and "Death to AmeriKKKa" on its chalk board. The Motley's managers responded by saying that those words represented "valued speech."

Scripps could possibly be the most racist college in the United States.

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