4 Reasons the Media Is Our Enemy and Trump Is Justified In Saying So

Let me first say that I'm not unsympathetic with those who would like to see President Trump back off, and for the sake of a little peace, take a few smears from the national media without firing back. I get that the tension of this ongoing scorched earth campaign is oftentimes unbearable, and that you just want it to stop. And to those who wish to return to the "norm" of Republican presidents rolling over like dogs in the face of the media's lies, hate, and violence -- some friendly advice: Man up, Francis.

Biases upfront: I adore scorched earth, almost as much as I despise norms. Scorched earth is honest. I like honest. I also like messy. Not chaos -- messy. Messy is a sign of freedom. Orderliness is a sign of authoritarianism. Democracy should be messy, and tense. And it should always-always-always tell the truth.

And here are two truths: The national media is the enemy of the American people, and President Trump saying so is a necessary, patriotic, righteous, and long overdue act.

Now, before we get started, I'm assuming your issue is with Trump telling this truth and that we are not going to waste time arguing over the incontrovertible fact that the media is our enemy. Because that would be like arguing that water is not wet or that someone failed to put the ram in the "rama-lama-ding-dong."

On the off chance, though, you do want to go down this anti-science route, if not the enemy, how exactly would you describe the media?

Hey, no fair hiding behind flowery words like "the opposition." The opposition openly declares itself as such. Do you really want to go with some weak-sister label like "opponent?" Sorry, but opponents respect the rules, and our media, just like their brethren among the Bolsheviks, respect nothing.

And if you use the term "the free press," I'm just gunna have to go right ahead and slap your mama.

You see, I have this very special machine at my disposal, it's called a brain, and when I plug in all the available data and facts, it returns with only one word -- "enemy."

Let me share with you that data and those facts…

1. Lies

It isn't only that our media has been caught telling 76 lies in just three weeks. It is the Big Lie that always exposes an enemy -- and our media is guilty-as-hell of shivering behind the Big and Cowardly Lie of a shield labeled "the free press," of skulking behind a safe space of outrageous deceptions, such as "objective" and "unbiased" and "non-partisan" -- and all of this is done as a means to unleash hate and violence against us.

A "free press" does not behave in this way, nor does a legitimate opponent.

2. Hate

The national media doesn't just disagree with us, the media hates us and wants us silenced and subjugated into paying for abortions and participating in the sin of gay weddings. In order to achieve these sinister goals, every hour of every day, the media spews propaganda against us in the form of Hate Campaigns.

For daring to believe in smaller government, personal liberty and the Bible -- for the sin of just wanting to be left alone, we are constantly and relentlessly ridiculed, demeaned, and smeared as racist, greedy, selfish, dangerous, sexist, anti-gay, anti-progress, anti-woman, un-American, Nazis, liars, backwards, hicks, rubes, crazy, stupid, evil and tea baggers.

And these are the very same people who wish to disarm us!

Think about that.

And just like any devious enemy would, in order to catch a breath for the next attack, only NOW do these simpering cowards call for a ceasefire.

3. Treason and Obstruction

Not only are our unelected enemies in the media using illegal state secrets (given to them by unelected bureaucrats in Obama's shadow government) to overturn an election and delegitimize the man our country chose to lead us, they are desperately lying about what is in those state secrets.

It is only deep beneath screaming headlines and sinister innuendo about "Watergate 2," that we finally learn that the state secrets in question prove only that the Trump administration did absolutely nothing wrong.

Moreover, this country elected President Trump to enact an agenda. While it is the job of Democrats (who are NOT our enemies) to represent the minority through obstruction, it is the media's job to professionally gather and disseminate information.

Instead, using their serial lies, misinformation, threats of violence, outright violence, and Fake News, the media is doing everything in its power to assume the role of the enemy against the will of the voters.

4. Political Violence




Trump rallies.

Folk heroing those who physically threaten Trump.

Assassination dogwhistles aimed against Trump by falsely portraying him as unmoored, crazy, unbalanced, and a Nazi -- and therefore an existential threat.

If you are only willing to grasp one thing I am saying, please make it the following…

Read your history. The very actions the media accused Republicans of in 1963, the very climate of hate the media (falsely) holds responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, is precisely what CNN and NBC and The New York Times and The Washington Post are working overtime to reproduce against Trump throughout the entire country.


So if you still want to argue that the very man being targeted for this dehumanizing campaign of destruction, the man we hired to represent us, should not tell this truth, as horribly misguided as you are, in an act of good faith, let me add this…

I wish it weren't so.

But isn't that the key point here?

You see, we didn't make enemies of the media.

The media chose to make enemies of us.

That is the truth. And the truth doesn't give a damn about the stress it causes, your precious norms, or the fact that a brutal and violent war has already been declared against us.

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