IMPOTENT MEDIA FAIL: Hispanics Back Trump Deportations, Ending Sanctuary Cities

Anyone looking for even more proof that our national media has lost all of its moral authority and ability to sway public opinion, need only take a gander at the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll that shows voters overall, and Hispanics in particular, back President Trump's latest and most controversial (at least in the media) immigration moves.

Despite the national media's best efforts to portray Trump's immigration orders as the second coming of the Third Reich, a majority of 56% of Hispanics "approve of President Trump’s executive order to end 'catch and release' and make the deportation of illegal immigrants who are criminals a top priority[.]" Only 31% of Hispanics disapprove.

Overall, a whopping 69% of all voters approve of this program, while just 21% disapprove.

On the issue of cutting off federal funds to sanctuary cities, or cities that violate federal law by not cooperating with immigration officials, a plurality of 46% of Hispanics approve, while 43% disapprove.

Overall, a majority of 59% of Americans want federal funding cut to these lawless cities, while only 29% disagree.

Also proving our media's impotence…

By a wide majority of 57% to 37%, voters back Trump's refugee pause from the 7 countries designated by the Obama administration as terror-laden.

There is more good news for Trump. Since this poll was last taken, and although the national media has gotten even more shrill in its attacks, the President's job approval rating has actually climbed from 45% approval and 47% disapproval to a healthier 48% approve/48% disapprove.

This is in line with the latest Fox News poll, which shows 48% approving of the way Trump is doing his job, compared to 47% who disapprove. Rasmussen has Trump at 53% approval and 47% disapproval.

This is a perfect storm of failure for a mainstream media that went from declaring Trump insane over the weekend, to screaming "Watergate!" on Tuesday.

The survey of 1000 likely voters includes 33.0 Republicans, 36.0 Democrats, and 31.0 Independents.

These numbers won't surprise anyone who lives in the Real World. After all, this is a poll of actual voters, which means it is a poll of Hispanics who are in the country legally, Hispanic-Americans who are either native-born citizens or those who went through the legal process to become Americans -- like my wife.

And no one resents the line-jumpers more than those who waited in line.

Trump is also doing a good job of making his case for why illegal immigration is so disastrous for our country, most especially for the working class and the working poor. Democrats might benefit from all the illegals who illegally vote for them. Businesses certainly benefit from exploiting the cheap labor. But the working class and poor take it in the neck. They either lose their jobs to illegals or deal with the suppressed wages that come with a flood of cheap labor.

This only leads to the bigger social problems associated with high unemployment and poverty, which include crime, the heroin of government welfare, and public institutions, like urban schools, overwhelmed by students who have no business being there.

Trump isn't just correct on this issue, he is leading and teaching along the way, and it appears to be paying off.

Hat tip: The Washington Examiner

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