Video Shows Trump Supporter Knocked Out And Taunted By Violent Portland Airport Protesters

During Sunday night's anti-Trump protest at the Portland International Airport, one Trump supporter was sucker-punched and left completely unconscious by one of the "tolerant" and "diversity-loving" Leftists.

In the clip below, a camera follows a shouting group of ten or more of the hundreds of anti-Trumpers into the airport looking for trouble when one of the cowards comes up from behind one of the four pro-Trump counterprotesters and hits him in the face. Truly disgusting.

As the man is flat on the ground in severe pain, his assailants cheer and shout, "That's right! That’s right, Nazi boy! You got knocked the f--k out!"

Local CBS affiliate KION reporter, Andrew Dymburt, tweeted out additional footage of the chaotic aftermath:

Portland police suited up in riot gear carried the injured man to an elevator to receive treatment. According to Oregon Live, the victim was a preacher who was part of "a four-man counter-protest [that] at times turned tense as demonstrators from both camps clashed":

Click below for more footage of the groups clashing:


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