The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Joke, And This Proves It

The Southern Poverty Law Center, as Daily Wire's Aaron Bandler wrote in his article, is "a leftist hack advocacy group which picks and chooses what standards to apply to its labels, consistently turning a blind eye to leftist and pro-Democrat groups and individuals while targeting, often unfairly, their enemies on the right."

Over the past few days, SPLC continued to protect hard-left and Islamist radicals in the name of the "progressive" cause by joining the chorus of left-wing organizations and leftist commentators in rushing to the support of Linda Sarsour.

Sticking to its modus operandi, SPLC labels anyone who questions Sarsour's Islamist and regressive tendencies as "Islamophobes" while committing themselves to combating hate and bigotry. This begs the question of when SPLC will condemn some of Sarsour's own commentary.

Take the following tweets from Sarsour's account.

What SPLC does not want to address is that Sharia law permits husbands beating their wives, executing gay people, and other despicable things that would never be tolerated in western civilization.

Instead of teaching the nation about Sharia law's regressive and illiberal tenets, SPLC will dedicate its resources to defending its proponents like Sarsour and blacklisting Muslim reformers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz.

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