Hollywood Continues Coverup Of Gosnell Case

Gosnell, which broke records for raising funds by a crowd-funded movie, raising almost $2.4 million, has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, prompting a massive Twitter campaign denouncing the behavior of the press.

Phelim McAleer, one of the producers of the movie, stated, “Gosnell has scored off the charts at test screenings. It has been overwhelmingly popular with audiences. It broke records in crowdfunding – almost 30,000 people paid for it to be made, but Hollywood is ignoring it.”

Producer Ann McElhinney pointed out that the double standard in Hollywood, in which pro-abortion movies are praised while Gosnell was ignored, runs rampant. She stated:

Obvious Child was a romantic comedy where a likeable couple bond over her aborting their child. Grandma – starred veteran actor Lily Tomlin – as a grandmother on a road trip trying to gather together enough money for her granddaughter's abortion. These films were nominated for awards and praised by critics for “tackling abortion”. Now the idea that Gosnell, a film based on a true story – with much of it based on courtroom transcripts - is “too controversial” is laughable. This is continuing the media coverup – they don't want anything that asks difficult questions about abortion.

John Sullivan, who co-directed 2016: Obama’s America, echoed:

Studios would typically kill for this type of positive audience reaction and press but its clear there is a different agenda at work. I’ve been here before with 2016: Obama’s America where no studio would take the film yet it went on to make $33.5mm at the box office. That was not a surprise to us but it was a total shock to Hollywood. The studios completely ignore a large segment of the country just like the media did in the election. We released 2016 independently to huge success and if that’s what it takes we’ll do the same here.

Gosnell is currently serving three life sentences in Huntington Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania; he was convicted of killing several babies born alive and a female patient. Over the course of 30 years he is estimated to have killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of babies. He would perform illegal abortions inducing live births and then stab live babies in the back of the neck with scissors.

According to ABC News, Gosnell is “perhaps America's most prolific serial killer.”

McElhinney noted that the director, Nick Searcy, and the Gosnell team made the film without images that would have been too graphic for the squeamish: “We intentionally made Gosnell PG-13 friendly and there are no graphic images in the movie, as we didn't want distributors to use that as an excuse. Test audiences in their feedback have cried and praised the storytelling but also praised the movie Gosnell for its accessibility.”

McElhinney opined that Hollywood’s treatment of the film resembled the mainstream media’s attitude toward Donald Trump:

They seem to have learned nothing and don't seem to understand who their audience is. Almost 30,0000 people have approved of this film in advance – they have paid for it to be made and now Hollywood is slapping them in the face and saying they don't want them as an audience. Donald Trump was elected on a strong anti-abortion platform. The mainstream media missed the 60 million who supported him - now mainstream Hollywood also wants to ignore this massive audience.

She said confidently, “Middle America now has a president that reflects their interests and concerns – we think they will respond positively to Gosnell."

The producers are planning an independent release, as well as the release of a book based on the Gosnell case. It will be released on January 24th by Regnery Publishing and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books a Million.

McAleer concluded, "This is one of the biggest crime sprees in American history. It's a fascinating story that needs to be known. The book and movie will ensure that the coverup is ended and the truth will be known.”


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