Tapper Threatens Media Jihad Against Trump Organization

Left-wing CNN’s Jake Tapper promised an ongoing media barrage of innuendo against supposed financial conflicts of interest pertaining to President-elect Donald Trump and his family if a blind trust was not erected to manage his interests in his eponymous business.

In a Sunday interview with Rudy Giuliani on State of the Union, Tapper pledged to view all of Trump’s presidential decisions through the lens of innuendo of corruption in the absence of a blind trust to separate the Trump family from any management of their family business.

“Do you think that to avoid any conflicts of interest, not to mention questions by the public as to whether he’s making decisions, at least in part, for his own financial reasons, do you think it would be best for Mr. Trump to set up a true blind trust with no involvement from him or his kids?” asked Tapper.

Giuliani responded that there are no legal requirements for the president to set up such a blind trust. He also noted that such an arrangement would essentially “put [Donald Trump’s] children out of work.”

Tapper then declared his promise to pursue innuendo of corruption — which he described as a “big issue” — without evidence:

“Well, I’ll just say this, and then you can dismiss it as you want, but I’m putting a flag in it, right now - If a blind trust is not set up, this is going to be an issue for Donald Trump for the duration of his presidency, because every decision he makes whether it’s the pipeline in North Dakota or business relationships in Turkey, everything is gonna be under the lens of, ‘Well, what is the effect of this on his wealth and his family’s wealth?’”

Various left-wing and neo-Marxist news sites have pushed the aforementioned narrative, implying that the participation of Trump’s children in the White House’s transition process somehow amounts to a conflict of interest on the part of the president-elect.

During the election cycle, Tapper did not interview Peter Schweizer, the primary researcher behind investigations in allegation of corruption related to the Clintons and their ostensibly philanthropic foundation.

Tapper has never asked wealthy and prominent Democrat politicians — such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or Secretary of State John Kerry — to set up blind trusts to separate their families from management of their businesses.

Tapper presents himself as a non-partisan and objective news anchor.

Watch the video below.

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