Poll: Majority of Americans Think Hillary’s Guilty

As Americans head to the polling booths, many may cast a ballot for a candidate whose history in government reeks of corruption and criminality. According to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll a staggering 83% of likely voters believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong. Only 14% of likely voters said she’s done nothing wrong.

Most importantly, a significant number of Americans truly believe that the Democratic presidential nominee did something illegal. Out of the 83% of likely voters who believe she’s done something wrong, a shocking 51% say that she is guilty of illegal acts. The remaining 32% say she is guilty of unethical, but not necessarily illegal, behavior.

While a comparable number of likely voters believe Republican nominee Donald Trump did something wrong, only a fraction believe he actually did something illegal.

“Just 26 percent think he’s done something illegal, while 53 percent think he’s dome something unethical but not illegal,” reports McClatchy DC. “Just 17 percent think he’s done nothing wrong.”

Although the official investigation into Hillary’s infamous private email server may be over, she’s far from exonerated in the court of public opinion.

From Benghazi-gate to the Clinton Foundation to her treasure trove of elusive emails compromising US national security, Hillary’s scandals are likely to follow her to the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, assuming she wins the presidency on Tuesday night.

Already, high-ranking Republicans in Congress have vowed to keep the pressure on Hillary and her coven of conspirators.

“This investigation will continue whether she wins or not,” House Homeland Security Committee Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) said last Wednesday. “But assuming she wins and the investigation comes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the Constitution, the House of Representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. It would go to the Senate and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place.”


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