Planned Parenthood's Legal Fight To Kill Babies With Down Syndrome

As insufferable feminists, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Hollywood continue to deceitfully prop up Planned Parenthood as some moral paragon under the guise of women's "health," the abortion mill is literally pursuing a legal battle for the "right" to kill unborn babies with Down Syndrome.

Planned Parenthood has teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union to try to have an Indiana law signed by Governor Mike Pence, which prohibits abortion for reasons of race, sex or genetic defect such as Down Syndrome, thrown out.

The lawsuit challenging the Indiana law, which was filed in the spring, is being heard by pro-abortion Obama-appointee Judge Tanya Walton Pratt. In July, Pratt granted the abortion mill's request and blocked the law from being enforced. On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU asked the federal judge to throw out the law entirely, as they claimed the legislation placed and unconstitutional "burden" on a woman's access to kill her unborn baby.

Besides banning the discriminatory practice of abortion for the sole reason of race, sex or genetic defect, House Bill 1337 also requires aborted or miscarried babies’ bodies to be disposed via humane practices of cremation or burial. The law also requires a safety measure which entails that abortionists with hospital admitting privileges renew such privileges annually.

As noted by Life News, "the burial/cremation requirement backs up a law passed in 2015 by Gov. Pence requiring that aborted babies’ bodies be disposed of in a humane way." Following North Dakota, Indiana is the second state to pass such a measure.

A Planned Parenthood in Ohio was previously busted for disposing of aborted babies' bodies by steam-cooking them and dumping them in a landfill across state lines.

House Bill 1337 was mainly pushed in obvious effort to decrease the number of discriminatory abortions, particularly when it comes to babies with genetic disorders like Down Syndrome. As reported by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, babies with Down Syndrome are being murdered in the womb in increasing numbers, resulting in a 30 percent decrease in the Down Syndrome community in 2015.

Senator Liz Brown, who worked on House Bill 1337, explained that accommodations for disabled children are only being administered outside of the womb; inside the womb, these babies are unprotected.

"What we hear from doctors is — it would really be better off if you were not born,” stated Brown. “If you are born, we will love you, and we think you have equal rights and should be a member of society. In fact, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act and have to make accommodations. But we don’t want to make the accommodation before you’re born, and in fact, it would really be easier if you were not born.”

Unfortunately, the future of this legislation does not look good for the pro-life community, as Judge Pratt "has a history of siding with the abortion lobby," notes Life News. "Pratt also blocked provisions of a 2011 Indiana law that denied taxpayer funds to abortion businesses and required that pregnant women be told about an unborn child’s ability to feel pain."

“Abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood turn to activist judges anytime they believe their lucrative businesses are threatened,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life. “It is no surprise that a judge appointed by Obama with a history of ruling against pro-life measures would block the Dignity for the Unborn law.”


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