Is He The Last Real Democrat? | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Sunday SpecialApr 28, 2024

RFK Jr. is making waves as a candidate in the current presidential race, first as a Democrat and now as an Independent. Born into the Kennedy dynasty, his early life was marked by personal and family tragedies, including the assassinations of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and his father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy. His resilience is evident in his battles with addiction, giving way to a career as a lawyer and activist for the environment, Indigenous land rights, and public health. Today, we delve into RFK Jr.’s vision for America and hope for the Democratic party, discussing a range of topics from chronic disease, AI, culture and entitlements, to foreign policy and his position on abortion. Join us as we explore these critical issues with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., seeking insights into his campaign and what it represents for the future of American politics.

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