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Ep. 112 - Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The Sunday SpecialMar 27, 2021

Through childhood she was a devout muslim in a muslim family but in 1992, a 23 year old Ayaan fled Kenya for The Netherlands for political asylum after being forced into an unwanted marriage.

In 2002, Ayaan renounced her faith in Islam and she wrote her first book, “The Son Factory”, the first of many from Ayaan exposing the oppression of women among muslims and the need for Islamic reformation. Her newest book is “Prey: Immigration, Islam and the Erosion of Women’s Rights”. She tells us in today’s episode about the most recent persecution from muslim men and how The West must respond to this clash with our ideology. We’ll also discuss what the Left can learn about confronting extremism from the Right, and if Secularism is a viable principle in a free society.

Check out the Daily Wire exclusive bonus questions at 56:36.

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