Brett Michael Kavanaugh is an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Nominated by President Donald Trump in 2018 to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, Kavanaugh was considered to be one of the more centrist and less ideologically right-wing contenders that Trump had been considering. Following an initially partisan, if non-explosive U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, allegations of sexual assault publicly aired from numerous accusers threatened to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination. The Judiciary Committee held a very tense and intensive special hearing that gripped the country, as Kavanaugh directly faced off against lead accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Following a delayed Committee vote to allow for a lengthier FBI investigation, Kavanaugh was subsequently voted out of the Committee and confirmed on the U.S. Senate floor as an associate justice of the Supreme Court by a miniscule 50-48 margin.