Podcast Episode
Ep. 951 - Go Home And Get A Family
The Matt Walsh Show  •  May 13, 2022  •  58m
Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Amy Coney Barrett’s neighbor has some great advice for the protesters who showed up at her house. Also, the pro-life organization whose office was burned and defaced now reveals the hateful messages that leftists have been leaving since the attack. And a self-professed “queer surgeon” defends his practice of chopping the breasts off of teenage girls. Plus, CPS shows up after parents enter their six year old into a marathon. Apparently you can’t run a marathon with your six year old, but you can change his gender. And in our Daily Cancellation, a popular Twitch streamer nearly burns down her house live on camera while trying to cook a steak. Maybe it’s time they start teaching basic life skills in school again.