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‘You Don’t Get Your Own Pronouns’: Matt Walsh Goes On ‘Dr. Phil’ To Debate Leftist Gender Ideology
Matt Walsh visits the "Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens show on August 09, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Daily Wire podcast host and author Matt Walsh recently appeared on an episode of “Dr. Phil,” where the conservative battled leftist gender ideology.

“My Dr. Phil episode airs on Wednesday,” Walsh announced Monday, captioning a promotional video for the episode.

“Yes I did ask the non-binary diversity consultant to define the word woman,” Walsh wrote. “Tune in to find out if I got an answer (I didn’t).”

Walsh, who routinely challenges the Left’s radical gender agenda, particularly when it comes to children, is known for asking a simple question to those espousing the radical ideology: What is a woman? When biology no longer indicates womanhood and the female experience, then what does?

The question, Walsh has repeatedly asserted, has never been coherently answered by proponents of the radical gender theory.

The promotional video shows Walsh telling a guest that they “don’t get” their “own pronouns.” The video also previews a discussion about “assigning” gender to children — or, in other words, recognizing biological gender and sex of newborns and children. The episode also seems to dive into the gender theory being pushed at schools across the nation.


In November, Walsh launched children’s book “Johnny the Walrus,” which tackles the issue of radical transgender ideology foisted on children. In a matter of hours, the book sold out on Amazon, suggesting the high demand for pushback against the pervasive agenda.

The book features a young boy named Johnny with a wild imagination. The child envisions himself as many things, including a walrus. His progressive mommy knows her boy is a boy but becomes pressured by her friends on social media to treat and “transition” her child to live his true identity as a walrus.

“But will Johnny be happy in his trans-walrus identity?” Walsh said. “Read and find out.”

“There are dozens of children’s books brainwashing kids into the gender identity cult where they are taught that identity is malleable and biology is meaningless,” the author announced. “This book is meant to be an antidote to that madness.”

Earlier this month, Walsh was suspended from left-wing platform Twitter over tweets he posted recognizing biological realities and not so-called “gender identity.”

“The greatest female Jeopardy champion of all time is a man,” Walsh posted to Twitter — a tweet the left-wing site has now censored. “The top female college swimmer is a man. The first female four star admiral in the Public Health Service is a man. Men have dominated female high school track and the female MMA circuit. The patriarchy wins in the end.”

Another tweet, which has also been censored by Twitter, reads, “I am not referring to an individual person as if she is two people. Everyone else can run around sounding like maniacs if they want but I will not be participating. No thank you.”

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