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‘We’ve Been Abandoned’: Border Ranchers Recount Chaos On Southern Border


Wayne King might have a window into America’s future, and he doesn’t like what he sees. King, a rancher with 8,000 acres in Texas’ Del Rio Border Patrol Sector, believes that Americans, especially those who live on the border, have been abandoned.

It doesn’t quite feel like you’re in Texas anymore when you enter King’s 8,000 acres. Rather than cows and sheep, the ranch boasts gazelle, wildebeest, and other exotic African game animals.

King, who leads African safari hunting tours on the ranch, has been forced to spend an increasing amount of time ensuring the wild African game doesn’t escape onto the highway, repairing fencing that’s been cut by illegal border crossers who come through the ranch.

While some hope to cross through the sprawling property undetected, others have become emboldened. King told The Daily Wire that one night, he was forced to grab his gun and prepare for the worst when 15 illegal aliens surrounded his house and began banging on the doors and windows.

In other instances, cameras on the property have captured images of suspected drug smugglers making their way through the land while armed with handguns and rifles. 

What makes the crisis sting isn’t just that it has gotten out of control, it’s that King doesn’t see any desire from the Biden administration to get it under control. “Everyone living here on the border is abandoned. Completely and totally abandoned,” he told The Daily Wire.

“We can cry for help all we want but we’re not going to get it,” King lamented. He describes the Biden administration’s approach to the border crisis in no uncertain terms, as “pure, unadulterated treason.”

Not far from King is Katie Hobbs and her husband Jim, ranchers who make their living feeding America with the watermelon and red onions they grow in the sandy loam soil along the floodplains of the Rio Grande. 

Every year they plant more than they harvest in anticipation of the illegal immigrants who take melons for the road as they make their way through the Hobbs property. But lost watermelons are the least of their worries. Hobbs has seen a lot during her 35 years of living on the border. 

One of their most jarring experiences came on Mother’s Day in 2021, when Kate’s husband found five young girls, one of whom was less than a year old, lying in the dirt not far from the edge of the river. Hobbs tells The Daily Wire “That was going to be a very hot day. We were probably looking at 110 degrees later that day.” She added “I don’t think they would have made it in the heat.”

But living on the border comes with danger, not just tragedy. The same paths used to transport their produce are also favorite routes of cartel drug smugglers. “As long as they ran their drugs at night, we didn’t have any problem,” Hobbs said before explaining “but then they started getting really aggressive and running them through the day.”

The situation only worsened from there. Hobbs told The Daily Wire that when they started intervening and calling authorities they got death threats. Illegal immigrants have become “emboldened,” she explained, with many now breaking America’s laws with impunity. 

But while some break our laws, others take advantage of them. One pregnant illegal immigrant crossed the border, came over Hobbs’ land, and made it into a cemetery about half a mile from the river where she gave birth. “There’s your new U.S. citizen right there,” Hobbs quipped.

Life on the border has gotten harder under the Biden administration. “Biden … invited the whole world to come,” Hobbs told The Daily Wire. “I looked at my husband and said the whole freaking world is fixing to come,” Hobbs said, recalling her reaction when Biden took office.

While a surge of Somali migrants came across her land during the Obama administration, Hobbs has since seen Mexicans, Venezuelans, Hondurans, Haitians, and Congolese illegally enter the country through her property. Other reports have found surging numbers of Russian and Chinese nationals also attempting to enter the United States.

But Hobbs told The Daily Wire that she could breathe easy for at least part of the Trump administration. “It was wonderful, I could just sigh a sigh of relief.” She lauded the former President’s efforts, remarking “Love him or hate him, he really took care of business down here.”

Although living on the border comes with great personal risk, Hobbs tells The Daily Wire that she’s most concerned about the future of the country. When asked what America would look like after 10 more years of rampant illegal immigration, Hobbs shot back without hesitation, replying “I don’t think we have that long.”

Hobbs believes that America is well on its way to becoming a third world country. She’s perhaps most concerned with the financial strain that illegal immigration places on America’s middle class. 

Current estimates have found that illegal immigration costs United States taxpayers approximately $151 billion every year. But despite the massive cost, Hobbs sees a clear political motivation for continuing the crisis. “It’s all about bringing in voters,” she asserted.

There is at least one policy, however, that Hobbs believes could make the crisis even worse and seal our country’s fate. Hobbs told The Daily Wire that if amnesty for illegal immigrants passes “It’s over.”

Living so close to the border has forced Hobbs, her husband, and others like them to learn how to sense impending danger. “You just … develop an alert system, how the dogs bark, where the helicopters are, what does the traffic looks like … you learn to recognize all those things and put it together,” Hobbs stated matter of factly. “It becomes integral for survival,” she added. 

The experience is still foreign to many Americans, but Hobbs believes that if the illegal immigration crisis continues unabated, the rest of the country will be forced to live life with their head on a swivel too.

“They’ll find out soon enough. In their malls, when they’re out to get gas, when they’re jogging,” Hobbs cautioned. “I don’t want them to be afraid,” she added before lamenting “They’re going to have to learn to live more like us down here.”

Wayne King and Kate Hobbs’ interviews will be featured in an upcoming mini-documentary from The Daily Wire, which will be posted on our YouTube channel.

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