We’re Living Under A Tyranny Of Mediocre Morons

ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 15: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testifies during a hearing in the case of the State of Georgia v. Donald John Trump at the Fulton County Courthouse on February 15, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. Judge Scott McAfee is hearing testimony as to whether Willis and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade should be disqualified from the case for allegedly lying about a personal relationship. (Photo by Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty Images)
Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty Images

You might think that it would be difficult to cause any kind of serious problem in a Wendy’s drive-thru. The concept is pretty simple: You sit in the car, and when it’s your turn, you drive up, get your order, and then you drive off. In an orderly society, it’s a pretty straight-forward, fool-proof system.

But in the days after George Floyd was canonized, of course, all rules were suspended. Things started breaking down. Accordingly, on June 12 of that year, a 27-year-old man named Rayshard Brooks decided to treat the Wendy’s drive-thru like a motel room. He got drunk out of his mind and passed out in his car, as he waited to get his hamburger and frosty. Then, when two police officers arrived in an attempt to keep the drive-thru moving, Brooks started fighting with one of the officers, stole his taser, and began running away. A few seconds later, Brooks turned around and pointed the stolen taser at the officers, at which point he was shot and killed. It was not only a justified police shooting but perhaps one of the most justified police shootings ever caught on film.

Nevertheless, just a few days later, the top prosecutor in Fulton County Georgia, a guy named Paul Howard, decided to charge both officers on the scene with a variety of crimes. One of the officers was hit with aggravated assault charges. The other cop — the officer who shot Brooks — was charged with capital murder. In other words, Howard tried to give a cop the death sentence for the crime of simply doing his job. And it’s all because, as Paul Howard argued, they didn’t seem afraid after they had shot Rayshard Brooks and neutralized the threat he presented — as if they should have been cowering behind their cruisers until backup arrived. That was the actual argument Howard made.

This makes no sense whatsoever, which is why a couple of years later — after these officers’ careers and lives were destroyed — a special prosecutor dropped the charges. Howard was then voted out of office. This obviously incompetent, politically motivated D.A. was gone. He lost the ability to bring frivolous charges against anyone else ever again.

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Unfortunately for the people of Atlanta and the rest of the country, Howard’s replacement was a woman named Fani Willis. And over the past few days, it’s become clear that Willis is somehow an even less dignified, more incompetent, and more corrupt version of the man she replaced. 

Willis is not simply trying to prosecute two police officers to appease the mob, as unforgivable as that is. Willis is instead trying to imprison the leading candidate in the U.S. presidential election. And she’s doing it, apparently, to enrich herself and her boyfriend, Nathan Wade.

Last week, Willis had to answer questions under oath in a hearing about her romantic relationship with Wade. That’s because Willis has told the court that the relationship began only after she named Wade — a family lawyer with no experience prosecuting RICO cases — as a key lawyer overseeing the Trump RICO prosecution.

But Willis’ claim was contradicted in the hearing by a former co-worker in Willis’ office, who said the relationship actually began back in 2019:

This is obviously a big problem for Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, and the entire Trump prosecution. If they lied to the court, they can be disqualified or even disbarred on that basis alone. But in context, the reason for the lie is even more important. Fani Willis, by hiring Wade, was able to direct hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars into his bank account. And the two apparently used that money to fund a lavish lifestyle — which means the RICO prosecutors might be guilty of a little RICO themselves.

You’ve probably heard this analysis from other pundits already, so I won’t belabor it. What I will emphasize, however, because a lot of people are too polite to say it out loud, is that above and beyond her obvious corruption, Fani Willis is a complete moron. Put aside the fact that she’s trying to sabotage the upcoming election in a flagrant act of election interference. Fani Willis — the chief law enforcement officer in Fulton County, Georgia — is not even remotely close to being a bright woman. This hearing made that very clear. And the implications could not be any more significant.

There are too many clips to show you that prove this point, so here’s just a couple. Watch:

In that second clip you just saw, Fani Willis says she’s not a “hostile witness” because she wants to testify. But the designation of “hostile witness” has nothing to do with wanting to testify or not. It means that the witness has adverse interests to the party questioning her — which is the normal situation on cross-examination, but an unusual situation on direct examination. Being a “hostile witness” basically means that the lawyers can ask the witness more aggressive leading questions on direct examination, as if it’s a cross-examination. You’d think Willis would know this, as the D.A. of Fulton County. But apparently not.

Fani Willis also doesn’t appear to understand the legal implications of other claims she made during her testimony. For example, in the first clip you just saw, Willis states, “When I took out a large amount of money on my first campaign, I kept some of the cash of that.” I’m not a campaign finance expert, but that seems like the kind of statement that you don’t want to make under oath. Using campaign funds for personal expenses is generally frowned upon.

To be fair, elsewhere in the hearing, Willis does say that she took money out of her retirement account to fund her campaign for local judge (before she ran for D.A.) — so it’s possible she’s referring to her own money here. But it’s not clear whether she told donors to her D.A. campaign about this arrangement.

That would certainly be the professional thing to do. But, after watching Fani Willis’ other testimony, we have reason to doubt her professionalism, to put it mildly. Watch:

It used to be that prosecutors displayed some level of respect for the office they held. These are people with the power to use the force of law to imprison and bankrupt pretty much anyone in the state. They’re elected, supposedly, to uphold fundamental principles of fairness and justice — without which we do not have the rule of law. When D.A.s start acting like sassy waitresses, or trashy pop stars, then people, understandably, lose all faith in the judicial system. If they have no integrity, then the system has no integrity.

It doesn’t help matters that Fani Willis was reportedly wearing her dress backwards, and her flag-pin sideways. Now, for the record, this isn’t confirmed. Fashion experts on the internet have identified two dresses that are similar to the one Fani Willis was wearing — one with the zipper in the back, and one with the zipper in the front, as Fani Willis was wearing it. Here’s a side by side of the two dresses in question:

VFSHOW Womens Front Zipper Tie Waist Slim Work Business Office Bodycon Pencil DressColor: Hot Pink. Retrieved from Amazon.com.
Adrianna Papell, Tie Waist Crepe Sheath Dress, Color: Vibrant Coral. Retrieved from Nordstrom.com.

VFSHOW Womens Front Zipper Tie Waist Slim Work Business Office Bodycon Pencil Dress
Color: Hot Pink. Retrieved from Amazon.com.
Adrianna Papell, Tie Waist Crepe Sheath Dress, Color: Vibrant Coral. Retrieved from Nordstrom.com.

If you’re more inclined to pursue this question than I am, you can compare those images to the pictures of Fani Willis testifying. And you can come to your own conclusion on whether she’s wearing the dress properly. But the point is, given everything else about Willis’ testimony, it’s completely believable that she doesn’t know how to dress herself. If she doesn’t know anything about the law, even though she’s a lawyer, then putting clothes on could also present challenges. This is the level of faith that people have in Fani Willis, and deservedly so.

As a result, right now it looks like Willis stands a real chance of getting booted off this case. Her performance was that bad, to say nothing of the fact she apparently lied to the court. But even if she and Nathan Wade are ultimately disqualified from continuing this prosecution, the reality is that there are many more equally incompetent prosecutors waiting to take their place in the state of Georgia.


Take this footage from a couple of months ago, for example. It’s from the prosecutor’s closing argument in the case of Hannah Payne. For background, Hannah Payne witnessed an impaired driver run a red light, cause a car accident, then flee the scene. Payne realized no one had the guy’s license plate, so she gave chase and pulled in front of the guy. Then she says the man grabbed her wrist through the window of the car, and the gun went off, killing him.

Whether you think Hannah Payne is guilty of murder or not, based on those facts, you have to concede it’s a complex case. Hannah Payne’s life is on the line, and it’s clear she’s not a malicious person who goes around shooting people at random. Plus, she had reason to worry that this impaired driver was going to cause more accidents. So given that background, you might assume that the prosecutor in this case would be a serious person, well-versed in the law, who’s able to communicate professionally to the jury.

Instead, here’s the prosecutor who was assigned to Hannah Payne’s case. Watch:

“She shoulda minded her own bid-ness,” says the prosecutor. Then she pauses for a while, just to let the line sink in. This was her “Clarence Darrow” moment and you can tell she’s proud of it. The rest of us are wondering whether there are any prosecutors in Georgia who don’t act like Fani Willis. Is there a single prosecutor in the state who’s capable of speaking and acting like an actual lawyer? Again, this is the major crimes division. This is a homicide case. And this is the best they can offer?

The problem isn’t just confined to Georgia, of course, although it appears to be especially acute there. We’re living under a tyranny of mediocre morons. These morons are representing the government in court, where they can send you to prison for the rest of your life. In some cases they’re also enforcing the law on the street, as police officers. And they have the complete and total backing of the government. There’s no effort underway to restore competence to any of these positions. What you see is what you get. 

In fact, the government is seemingly encouraging these people to act as dumb as they possibly can, just to erode the public trust as much as possible. That’s the only explanation for why the NYPD just sent out its dance team — because apparently, police departments have dance teams now — to perform on television. Watch:

You’ll find various responses to this video online in which people try to find the silver lining here. “At least they’re getting exercise in,” is one of the common refrains. You might also say that, hey, they’re just trying to give the female cops something to do. 

But really there’s only one bit of good news in all of this, especially when you look at the Fani Willis case — which is that the mediocre morons who have power over us are extremely easy to expose. They’ll go on television and reveal how incompetent and corrupt they are. They just can’t help themselves, that’s the good news. The bad news is that there’s an endless supply of these amoral half wits out there, waiting to replace their bosses when they’re gone. And in some cases they’re even worse, somehow, than the failures they replace. Get rid of Paul Howard, and you’ll get Fani Willis. This is the pattern.

What happens when you get rid of Fani Willis? Very soon, for better or worse, we might find out.

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