WATCH: Gavin McInnes Goes Off On ‘Selfish’ Women ‘Glorifying’ Single Motherhood

Feminists are going to be heated over this one.

In his latest video, comedian and The Rebel contributor Gavin McInnes lambasts the false narrative that gleefully chosen single motherhood “rocks” while reprimanding all the irresponsible women who promote such garbage.

Set off by an article propagating single motherhood as “hip” and “cool”, McInnes, emitting statistical analysis every step of the way to back his assertions, equates the conscious decision to be a single parent without legitimate reasoning–which he describes as leaving an abusive relationship or even being “cheated on”–but for your own “selfish” whims, as “child abuse.” McInnes points back to traditional “yin and yang” gender roles (despised by feminists) as a necessary element in successful child-rearing. He cites evidence from Princeton University which claims that boys are “significantly more likely to end up in jail or prison by the time they turn 30 if they are raised by a single mother,” to support his accusation.

McInnes’ claims, although seemingly common knowledge and intended for good, will undoubtedly be received by leftists as misogynistic and archaic.