WALSH: The Vile, Awful Women’s March Is A Symptom Of The Spiritual Disease That Infects Our Culture


On Friday, hundreds of thousands of compassionate, welcoming, cheerful women and men took to the streets of Washington. D.C., rallying in support of basic human rights. Then the Women’s March happened.

Taking place just a day after the March For Life, and in direct contrast to the annual pro-life event’s joyful atmosphere of hope and generosity, the Women’s March was once again vile, aimless, and embarrassing. Bitter feminists donned their trademark vagina hats and carried grotesque, pornographic signs referring explicitly to their own genitalia. Signs blaring important messages like “F*** you” and “Paul Ryan is a f*** stick” and “Trump is a s***hole” were hoisted proudly while little children with negligent parents walked innocently amid the mob. Then they left their trash strewn across the city and went home.

What message were they trying to send? What was the point of it all? Well, nobody at the march seemed to know. They know they support baby murder, which is why mass murderer Cecile Richards spoke at the Las Vegas march, and protesters heckled pro-lifers at the D.C. march. They know they hate Donald Trump. They know they’re being “oppressed,” though they can’t explain this oppression or give clear cut examples of it. But that’s all they seem to know. Mostly, the march was an expression of impotent rage by self-centered nihilists. It was an incoherent temper tantrum. It was a demonstration of ignorance and hate. It was a perfect illustration of what our culture has become.

There are those who say that the Women’s March misrepresents American women. I disagree. The numbers may have been down this year, but it still attracted thousands of people in 250 cities nationwide because it does represent many women in this country. Just as it represents, in equal proportion, many men. We cannot call it an anomaly or pretend that we have never encountered, and do not recognize, the sort of people who turn up at rallies like this. We know that, whether we like to admit it or not, the Women’s March happens because we are precisely the sort of country where it would happen. It is just a graphic and disturbing symptom of the spiritual disease that infects our culture.

It’s fortunate that the March For Life was held on the same weekend, because it proves that all is not quite lost. There is another side, and the two sides are separated by a vast divide which cannot be bridged by compromise. You can only choose one or the other, or you can jump into the canyon between them and float aimlessly in the middle. But if you have the intellectual courage to make the choice, you can stand on the one side with those who fight for life, truth, and moral decency. Or you can choose to stand on the other side with those who degrade human life, reject truth, and sneer at decency. Those are your options.

Of course, I do not claim that everyone on the one side is a perfect angel and everyone on the other is an irredeemable demon. Yet there are real angels and demons at work in this world, and they already picked their sides long before we came into existence. We have only to decide which army we will join.