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Under Fire From Left For Alleged Affairs, Joss Whedon Goes Silent; Loses Fan Club

By  John Nolte

Avengers director Joss Whedon is under heavy fire from the Left and his own fans. Angry over the fact that Whedon is “not who he pretends to be,” meaning he “doesn’t practice what he preaches” when it comes to his public profile as a super-feminist who believes women should be treated with respect, Whedon’s ex-wife published a scathing essay Monday accusing Whedon of serial infidelities during their 15-year marriage (the couple divorced last year).

It gets worse. Apparently, in his own words (according to the ex), Whedon used his powerful position as director and producer to procure “beautiful, needy, aggressive young women,” or as Christian Toto boils down so perfectly, Dear Feminists: “Bosses sleeping with their subordinates is a no-no for feminists, unless said boss’ last name is Clinton.”

Let me tell you, it takes a special kind of slimeball to abuse your Hollywood power against “needy” young actresses. Man alive.

The fallout has been considerable. In one of those noticeably rare moments, the mainstream media has actually picked up a negative story about a leftwing sacred cow and given it some traction.

Moreover, after 15 years, Whedonesque, a fan site devoted to Whedon, has decided to shut down.

Yeah, it is that bad.

As the fallout from his gobsmacking hypocrisy rolls on, as Whedon is exposed as just another one of those, “Yeah, playing a feminist is gunna get me laid” pigs, as just another casting couch-predator, Whedon’s normally busy Twitter account has suddenly gone dead silent. The normally prolific tweeter and re-tweeter has not uttered a peep since Saturday, since the release of his ex’s damning essay.

No more brilliant comparisons of Paul Ryan to Hitler’s Brownshirts:

No more of these sexist attack on Nicole Kidman after she commits the sin of wanting to give President Trump a chance…

It would appear as though Whedon has gone into bunker-mode in the hopes that his Hollywood power and leftwing bona fides can save him. And if past is prologue, they probably will. Just ask serial homophobe Alec Baldwin.

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