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Trump Issues Short Kwanzaa Message; Leftists Outraged

By  Paul Bois

Tuesday marked the first day of the weeklong celebration of Kwanzaa. As noted by Michael Knowles, Americans should rightly view this “holiday” as nothing more than a scam cooked up 50 years ago by a black nationalist sociopath convicted of violent crimes against women. It has no business being included alongside Hanukkah and Christmas.

Knowing these facts, it is fitting, then, that President Trump issued little more than three sentences to commemorate the day. Here’s the official White House statement on Kwanzaa:

Today marks the first day of Kwanzaa, a weeklong celebration of African American heritage and culture. Together, let us celebrate during this joyous time the richness of the past and look with hope toward a brighter future.

As families and friends join to light the Kinara, Melania and I extend our warmest wishes for a joyful holiday season and a prosperous year to come.

Put that under the “participation trophy” section of White House holiday greetings. The Left, of course, has since berated the president for not saying something more.

Newsweek criticized Trump for failing to emphasize Kwanzaa’s “African-American” values in contrast to his predecessor Barack Obama.

The Root said of Trump’s statement: “Three sentences. That’s all the official Hotep holiday garnered. Three lousy sentences. Honestly, he might have found the words under some ‘minority holiday template’ after Googling: ‘How to wish happy holidays to an other?'”

Splinter got mathematical, noting that Trump’s Kwanzaa statement was the shortest of any president. “For comparison, [Bill] Clinton’s first Kwanzaa statement was 143 words long—more than twice as long as Trump’s remarks,” they lamented. “President George W. Bush’s 2001 Kwanzaa statement was 172 words long. And in 2009, Barack Obama issued a statement with 196 words.”

Here’s what they were saying on Twitter:

To all the haters of Trump’s short and wholly appropriate acknowledgement of a communist holiday, one word: MAGA!

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