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See the Matrix: Why the Elite Media Is Now Destroying Ken Bone

By  John Nolte

Ken Bone, the undecided voter in the now-iconic red sweater, the man who the mainstream media turned into a pop culture sensation after last Sunday’s presidential debate, has just been found guilty of a ThoughtCrime, and now our Ruling Class has decided he must be personally destroyed in one of their neverending Show Trials.

Gizmodo, a popular science-fiction website owned by the left-wing Spanish-language news outlet Univision, discovered that Bone is guilty of the unforgivable crime of agreeing with a Florida jury. Yes, gasp-of-gasps, mild-mannered Bone believes the shooting of Trayvon Martin was — wait for it, wait for it — justified.

(NOTE: I will not link the Gizmodo site. Feel free to Google it.)

Bone wrote, quite thoughtfully I should add, that…

From what I’ve read about the case the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified. … but from what I’ve read about Zimmerman … he is a big ole shit bird. Bad guy legally kills kid in self defense. Sucks for everybody.

But Univision wasn’t done. No, now it was time to hold this poor man up to the world and slowly pull off both of his wings. Gizmodo dug up some old Reddit posts where Bone reveals he enjoys porn and sex with his own wife.

You have to give our Ruling Class credit. When it comes to using porn against us, they have managed to have it both ways. If you enjoy porn and sex, you are a pig worthy of public ridicule. If you oppose porn, you are a Puritan ChristianTard.

My guess is that Bone’s other sin is his electoral fence-sitting.

My guess is that Bone’s other sin is his electoral fence-sitting. Now that Univision knows he sided with that Florida jury, this is a pre-emptive strike against an everyday civilian for fear he might come out and choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

No one is safe in the media’s ongoing Social Justice Warrior witchhunt to destroy ThoughtCriminals, not the police, not black neighborhoods, not even an everyday American in a red sweater who takes his civic duty seriously and enjoys sex with his own spouse.

One final note: Haim Saban, the owner of Univision, is a Hillary Clinton supporter with no small amount of sway over her campaign.

See The Matrix.

Buy guns.

Stay ungovernable.

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