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Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ Is A ‘GOP Talking Point’: Leftists Melt Over Gorsuch ‘Fox & Friends’ Appearance
Judge Neil Gorsuch testifies during the third day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, March 22, 2017 in Washington.
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On Tuesday morning, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch made an appearance on Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends,” and the Left was not happy. 

Left-wing political commentators whined over the supposedly “partisan” appearance, though there was no such outrage over Gorsuch appearing on CNN earlier this year, or other Supreme Court Justices taking interviews with NPR, MSNBC, and far-left late night host Stephen Colbert.

Others took issue with the content. For example, Justice Gorsuch opened up the segment by wishing “Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt a “Merry Christmas,” which one leftist deemed a “talking point of the GOP.”

Here’s some of the media reaction, starting with partisan CNN “media critic” Brian Stelter.

“Justice Neil Gorsuch is on ‘Fox & Friends’ right now,” posted Stelter. “The Q: How is it appropriate for a Supreme Court justice to try to goose sales of his three-month-old book by chatting on one of the most partisan shows on TV?”

Of course, Stelter never made a complaint over Gorsuch sitting down with partisan CNN in September.

“Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, making a point to parrot the ‘Merry Christmas’ talking point of the GOP,” said vocal Trump critic and Playboy journalist Amee Vanderpool.

“If he’s willing to go on Fox and throw a shout out to Republican narratives, what [else] is he willing to do?” she asked.

Comedian Sean Kent was also shaken by Gorsuch’s “Merry Christmas” greeting.

“On Fox News, Neil Gorsuch made a point to say ‘Merry Christmas’ like he just gained the freedom to say it under Trump. This guy is such a worst case scenario of a stolen Supreme Court seat,” he wrote.

Media Matter’s “researcher” Bobby Lewis suggested Gorsuch gets his information from watching “Fox & Friends.”

“Neil Gorsuch claims 10% of Americans believe Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court, a reference to a 2015 poll featured on this show yesterday, raising the question: Does Neil Gorsuch watch Fox & Friends?”

This is not true, however, since Gorsuch made this same point during a Washington Post interview in September: “Only about a third of Americans can identify the three branches. Another third can only name one branch of government. Ten percent thinks Judy Sheindlin serves on the United States Supreme Court. Judge Judy! I’ve got great respect for her, but she is not one of my colleagues,” Gorsuch said.

Conservatives online poked holes in the left-wing meltdown over the Gorsuch appearance.

Lyndsey Fifield captioned Stelter’s remarks on Gorsuch with photos of Supreme Court Justices making appearances with left-leaning hosts and outlets:

Siraj Hashmi pointed out:

-Justice Breyer promoted his book on Colbert in Sept. 2015

-Justice Sotomayor promoted her book on Colbert in Nov. 2018

-BONUS: Justice Ginsburg received an MTV Movie & TV Award for being a “real-life hero” for “RBG” in 2019

But, yes, let’s have a convo about Gorsuch.


“Here is Justice Breyer pitching his book on Colbert in 2015,” said Ben Williamson.

“So Gorsuch is trending because he went on Fox News. RBG has done interviews with NPR, CNN, MSNBC over the past few years, and spoken in openly partisan fashion,” highlighted Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

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