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REPORT: Disney Considers Firing Kathleen Kennedy For Ruining ‘Star Wars’

Hold out, “Star Wars” fans. Your protest of the SJW-plagued franchise may finally get Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy ousted from her position, because word on the street is Disney CEO Bob Iger knows she’s on the verge of killing the Golden Goose and is now searching for someone to revive it.

In a special report from Grace Randolph at Beyond The Trailer, Bob Iger recently held a secret meeting with Disney top brass, including the head of Pixar and Marvel, on ways to fix the broken franchise, which began its death spiral with “The Last Jedi” and then was pronounced mostly dead with the box-office failure that is this summer’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

It’s an open and shut case: “Star Wars” fans reject the direction that Kathleen Kennedy has taken the franchise, and they should, considering that the veteran producer once infamously said she felt no responsibility to “cater” to the predominantly male fanbase that has carried the space opera through both light and darkness throughout the decades.

Not that “Star Wars” should not evolve with the times and avoid refreshing creative choices. The problem is that Kennedy destroyed the “Star Wars” legacy and put a half-baked, heartless carbon-copy in its wake. The whole franchise feels less like a creative labor of love and more like a cheap cash grab that cons the public into buying tickets based on brand recognition alone, all the while pushing messages about feminism and capitalist greed. Nobody likes it and feminists are too few and far between.

So now Disney has a dead horse on its hands and has no idea what to do with it. The simple solution — cleaning house by firing Kennedy — will not be easy. According to Grace Randolph, insiders say that if Iger just up and fires her, nobody in Hollywood has the cajones to take the reins as she would leave behind a house of loyalists who will have the daggers out for whoever fills her shoes. Here’s how the secret call went down, according to Randolph:

There was a call, a secret conference call with all the top Star Wars brass in attendance, the kind of call where, apparently, security guards stand outside the different conference room doors and makes sure that no one eavesdrops. But here’s the kicker. Top brass at not only Star Wars, but also Marvel and Pixar, were also in on the call, but listening only, likely at the request of Bob Iger, who wants their advice on how to fix this s–tshow. And yes, he does know it’s a s–tshow. Evidence? The word that he wants Kathleen Kennedy out. He actually does, but, nobody will take her job. Several have been approached, but turned down, including J.J. Abrams, who turned it down flat and didn’t even hesitate.

Why does nobody wanna run Star Wars? Well, it’s probably pretty obvious for many of you, but let me spell it out for you. And that’s in risk-averse Hollywood, nobody wants to run a house divided, which apparently is what Kathleen Kennedy has created. It’s divided between her loyalists, which she brought in and wear those “Force is Female” t-shirts, and the loyalists to the brand itself that were there before Kathleen.”

The in-fighting fits insider reports that Disney has halted the production on all “Star Wars” anthology films following the failure of “Solo” this past summer. With the release of Episode IX come 2019, “Star Wars” will have to create a whole other trilogy that entices the fans once again. Kathleen Kennedy has done everything to ensure that never happens.

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