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Michael Moore To Honor Jane Fonda With Lifetime Achievement Award

By  Paul Bois

Two of America’s most prominent leftists — both of whom served as apologists to communist countries and undermined American efforts during times of war — will meet face-to-face in a celebration of treason.

Actress Jane Fonda (daughter of Henry Fonda) should have been arrested upon her return from Hanoi at the height of the Vietnam War, during which she posed for photographs alongside weapons used to kill American soldiers while POWs were being tortured in camps nearby. But for some reason, the United States has conflated bona fide treason with free speech since the 1960s, and Jane Fonda has faced no consequences for her reckless actions.

Now, Fonda will be given a lifetime achievement award at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who went on to describe the treasonous Fonda’s legacy as being a “lifelong commitment to social causes.”

Announcing her award, Moore said Fonda’s contributions to the country rival everyone else.

“I can think of no other artist who has given more to her country,” Moore said. “What an honor for our festival audience to welcome and to be inspired by the work of this American icon. Her voice is as needed today as much as ever.”

The festival will screen nearly 100 movies, including Fonda’s Oscar-nominated “Coming Home.”

Fonda’s family has become a hot topic in recent days in light of her brother, Peter Fonda, becoming so unhinged over the border crisis that he said on Twitter that Barron Trump should be ripped from Melania’s arms and locked in cages “with pedophiles.”

Fonda has not publicly condemned her brother’s rant as of this writing.

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