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Former Senator Joseph Lieberman Speaks To The Daily Wire About The Left’s Anti-Semitism Problem

By  Joshua Yasmeh

On Friday, The Daily Wire spoke with former Democratic vice presidential candidate and former Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman about the rising tide of anti-Semitism on the Left. Acknowledging the political divisions within the Democratic party itself following a contentious primary election battle between the centrist wing of the party, represented by Hillary Clinton, and the left-wing of the party, represented by Bernie Sanders, Lieberman suggested that the anti-Semitism on the Left is inherently intertwined with controversies surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“There are areas where there is a rising opposition [to Israel] but it’s not based on reality,” said Lieberman following a panel discussion in Paris about Iran’s expansionist policies.

But to Lieberman, this anti-Israel sentiment remains confined to the political fringes.

“I think America remains, by every public opinion poll I’ve seen, very pro-Israel,” he said.

When asked directly about the Bernie Sanders movement, and its disturbingly anti-Israel sentiments, Lieberman said he was hopeful about the future of the Democratic party’s relationship with Israel, however, it was impossible to deny that “an element” within the party had moved away from the American political establishment’s traditional bipartisan support for the Jewish State.

“I’m concerned about that,” said the former vice presidential candidate. “When I became active in politics the Democratic party [during the Kennedy era]” was very supportive of Israel.

But things have changed, noted Lieberman.

When asked about the marginalization of Jewish voices at prominent progressive events like the Chicago “Dyke March” rally, Lieberman expressed disappointment about the way fellow Jews were treated. “I was obviously disappointed and upset about the action at the Chicago parade.”

“There’s clearly an element within the Democratic party that doesn’t feel [fully supportive of Israel],” he added “You have to deal with that reality and confront it” to explain on “why Israel deserves to be supported by the United States.”

“Israel is not perfect but we’re linked to them by values in a way that’s profound and it’s within our self-interest as Americans to support them,” he concluded.

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