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Church Militant Gathers To Sing Christmas Songs. Satanists Show Up. Things Gets Awkward.

In what proved to be a rather wild night despite the initially low-key billing, the Church Militant, a Catholic group founded by Michael Voris, held a Christmas carol event at the Ferndale, Michigan City Hall on Wednesday and were joined by a group of rowdy protesters that included self-described Satanists, pro-LGBT activists, and probably a few people who showed up just to see what would happen. The night ended up being a battle of the lyrics both sacred and profane of various Christmas-themed songs.

At around 6 p.m, Church Militant members gathered around their permitted Nativity display outside City Hall with the plan to sing Christmas carols and hand out free hot chocolate and apple cider. But they weren’t alone; according to Church Militant’s report, protesters described as “a cabal of satanists, atheists and leftist radicals” joined their celebration for some deliberately offensive fun at their expense. Their complementary drinks table ended up strewn with condoms.

As video from the event posted by the group shows, the protesters introduced alternate lyrics and chanted various insults as the Catholic group did their best to lift up a joyful noise. The footage shows around a dozen or so people standing behind the Church Militant members shouting absurdities mixed with obscenities and singing alternate lyrics.

A few of the chants: “God is dead!” and “Anti-human, anti-gay, kooky Catholics go away!” and “Hail contraception! Hail Satan!” One guy really got cranking when he got hold of a bullhorn.

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One photo shows a protester holding a sign that reads, “Your Christ is pacificist. Your holidays are pagan. Your govt is secular. Your children are apes. Merry Christmas.” Others reportedly brought posters with messages about “Nazis” and “hate.”

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The event ended about an hour later without serious incident, many of the protesters reportedly just wandering off toward a nearby club.

The protest appears to have been promoted by a local left-wing group and prompted in part by a Facebook post (since made private) from one of the protesters announcing that she would “be there as Santa, with gifts of safe sex and anal lube for all their tightasses. I will also be sporting a naughty xxxmas sweater under my suit, just in case I can inspire this event towards something slightly erotic. SO COME HELP ME CRASH THIS PARTY!!!”