BREAKING: Thomas Sowell To Vote 'Against Hillary'

Thomas Sowell, the legendary conservative economist and Hoover Institution fellow, announced on this morning's Ben Shapiro Show that "even though Donald Trump has no coherent vision that looks that promising," he will "vote against Hillary Clinton" in November.

Sowell has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump throughout and beyond the GOP primaries, and his decision centers around the enduring legacy of the next president's Supreme Court appointments, which he believes have the potential to subvert constitutional law and undermine specifically the First and Second Amendments.

Here is the full text of Sowell's comments:

Well, my preference would be to leave the office vacant for four years and to wait for better things than 2016. Unfortunately that's not one of the options that we have. I think it's going to be dangerous and not merely bad if either of them becomes president. The question is, where's the danger greatest and, more importantly, most long-lasting? And I think that even though Donald Trump has no coherent vision that looks that promising, Hillary Clinton does have a vision, and it's a world in which she can, by determining who's on the next Supreme Court--for the next 50 years law in America can be undermined. The First and Second Amendments we can write off if she's allowed to put a majority on that court. And so long after, whether it's Clinton or Trump, long after they leave office, the people they put on the Supreme Court will be a legacy for the next generation and perhaps put an end to constitutional law in this country. And on that basis, I would vote against Hillary Clinton.

Watch the exchange above.

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