Trump Threatens Private Donor For Contributing Against Him. That Should Scare You.

Donald Trump would likely be a better president than Hillary Clinton. That isn’t saying much, since a flaming bag of dog excrement would clearly be better than Hillary Clinton. It ain’t close. But Trump would still be a disaster area. He’s a petty tyrant seeking power for personal aggrandizement.

He made that clear this morning by threatening the Ricketts family, the owners of the Chicago Cubs, over their support for Our Principles PAC, a super PAC run by former Mitt Romney advisor Katie Packer with the goal of beating Trump. Trump tweeted:

Now, as a lifelong Chicago White Sox fan (an actual one, not a President Obama fake Sox fan), anything that prevents the Cubs from winning a World Series is generally fine by me.

This isn't.

The Republican frontrunner is now threatening private parties for contributing to a campaign against him. This follows on him threatening Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) with a lawsuit for running an ad using old footage of him talking about abortion. And that follows on him threatening to sue a reporter who wrote about the failure of the Taj Mahal Casino. All of this has happened within the last four weeks.

We already have a president of the United States who uses the FBI and the Department of Justice to target his political opponents, who has utilized the IRS to harass and punish private parties ranging from nonprofits to Mitt Romney donors, who threatens to put his “boot on the throat” of private corporations who don’t do what he wants.

Do we really want to elect a Republican Obama?

Democrats, as I wrote last week, have a long history of longing for dictatorship; they’re perfectly comfortable with a Great Man running the show, so long as he targets their enemies. Republicans have always bucked at that notion.

No longer. Trump is the Great Man on the right – the man who serves the interests of those who can’t identify with the Democratic Party. He’ll utilize the tools of government just the way Obama would to punish his opposition. His threats and bluster are threats and bluster for now – but they become significantly scarier when the power of government stands behind him.

The phenomenon of the right joining the left in its desire for a Great Man to “win for them” represents a frightening moment for those who cherish freedom from government. Freedom from government requires a government free of Great Men with great power. Donald Trump wants to be the former and he wants to use the latter for his own purposes.


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