Shapiro On Ingraham Angle: If De Blasio Were Imprisoned 'He’d Probably Think He Was In A Playpen At Chuck E. Cheese'

Speaking with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro kept her laughing as they discussed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio apparently crossing illegally into the United States, MSNBC reporter Katy Tur’s intellectually-challenged attack on a prospective originalist perspective from the Supreme Court, and the attempt by leftists to attack Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s first name.

Ingraham started by noting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had illegally crossed the border with Mexico to protest children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents. She commented, “Ben, it seems like every day there’s just a panoply of fun issues that show the Left is totally out of ideas and all they are is about stunts. What about this, did he actually violate U.S. and Mexican law?”

Shapiro noted that de Blasio walked over the border with a couple of his aides and was asked by the border patrol, “Where did you come from because you’re not at a port of entry?” De Blasio then proceeded to point toward Mexico, then reversed course and walked back into Mexico. Shapiro quipped:

To be fair to Bill de Blasio, the guy probably doesn’t know where he is half the time. In the last week, the socialist Bill de Blasio spent time with the socialist Bernie Sanders at Bernie Sanders’ socialist lake house. It wouldn’t even make sense to probably convict him and imprison him for illegal immigration considering he’d probably think he was in a playpen at Chuck E. Cheese or something. I just don’t think he knows where he is.

Ingraham played de Blasio’s excuse in which he claimed news of his illegal crossing was blown up to distract from the Trump administration’s policy regarding illegal immigrants. De Blasio boasted that neither he nor other mayors would stop speaking out about the issue. She joked, “Ben, a profile in courage, indeed.”

Shapiro, referencing the infamous incident in 2014 on February 2, Groundhog Day, in which de Blasio dropped a groundhog that later died, replied, “I hope he continues to speak out; at least it stops him from throwing ground hogs.”

Ingraham segued to speaking of a GOP bill in New York targeting the leftist group Antifa. She noted a defender of Antifa asserted that Antifa should not be regarded as a leftist group.

Shapiro replied:

The attempts to distinguish Antifa from other violent groups that have worn masks before is really stupid. We have laws on the books all over the United States; for example, you’re not allowed to go around freaking people out if you’re wearing a KKK hood. So this is very similar to that in that if you’re going around attempting to do violence to people with your face covered, this is an attempt to obstruct who you are so the police can’t catch you, obviously, and it seems more like that than anything resembling a crackdown on law abiding citizens.

Ingraham then turned to MSNBC reporter Katie Tur who attacked a possible originalist perspective being espoused by the Supreme Court. Tur stated, “Based on where Americans stand on the issues, and Americans have really moved in a much more progressive direction over the years, do you think that it’s appropriate to continue to take such a strict originalist view of the Constitution given it’s 2018, not 1776?

Ingraham said, “This is where I say, ‘Kids, don’t try this legal analysis at home.’”

Shapiro bluntly commented:

Oh, the levels of stupid. 1776, the Constitution was not yet written, Number One. Number Two: If you believe that America has evolved beyond the Constitution, it has an amendment process. Also, we have legislatures that you can elect. And finally, the idea that any of this justifies the Supreme Court moving away from the text of a law simply so that they can interpret the Constitution as poetry is more evidence that the Left wants the Supreme Court to simply be a super legislature as opposed to, you know, an actual judiciary that is using judgment instead of will, as per Alexander Hamilton in Federalist ’78.

Ingraham concluded by pointing out leftists mocking Supreme Court judicial nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s first name as a “frat boy” name.

Shapiro noted, “My favorite thing about the name thing is that the same people who think that Brett is an inappropriate name for a Supreme Court justice are celebrating that Cardi B just had a kid who she named ‘Kulture’ with a K.”


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