12 Muslim men have been jailed for a total of 140 years in the UK, convicted of repeatedly raping and sexually abusing a white girl when she was 13 and 14-years-old.

The Sun, a British daily, refuses to identify the religious orientation of the sexual predators, choosing instead to use the more nebulous term “Asian,” which is typically a subtle euphemism for Muslims from the South Asian countries including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

In one “sustained attack,” the girl was raped by five of the Muslim sexual predators in one succession.

The “ringleader,” named Ahmed Al-Choudhury, fled the country and is now abroad.

Some of the abuse was carried out in an underground parking garage.

The victim also states that she was punched and kicked as part of the abuse.

The majority of the Muslim sexual predators had convictions for other crimes, relating to drugs, dangerous driving, assault, public disorder, theft, of possession of stolen property.

One of the Muslim sexual predators, Khalid Raja Mahmoud, is currently serving 6 and a ½ years for raping a 43-year-old woman and another 1 and ½ years for attempting false imprisonment of a child.

The names of the men are a testament to the wonders of multiculturalism and wholesale importation of Muslims via immigration: Sufyan Ziarab, Bilal Ziarab, Yasser Kabir, Hussain Sarbar, Nasir Khan, Faisal Khan, Saqib Younis, Israr Ali, Zain Ali, Tauqueer Hussain, Mohammed Akram, and Khalid Mahmoud.

The men were convicted by the Bradford Crown Court. Bradford West was previously represented by George Galloway, notorious socialist and hater of Israel and Jews. Galloway owes his previous seat as a Member of Parliament in the UK to his grievance mongering framing Muslims as victims and anti-British agitation that appealed to Bradford's large Muslim minority.

In 2012, reports began emerging of police and governmental cover-ups of widespread sexual predation carried out by Muslims in Rotherham. To this day, the religious common denominator of the Muslim sexual predators is obfuscated by identifying the criminals as “Asian.” At least 1400 children - virtually all of them white were sexually abused while law enforcement opted not to investigate due to concerns of being perceived as “racist’ given the ethnicity of the abusers.

No word yet on the Muslim sexual predators being victims of “Islamophobia,” American foreign policy, Zionism, “white privilege,” or “income inequality,” having no other choice but to turn to crime and sexual predation.

Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders have promised following President Barack Obama’s moves to bring in tens of thousands of Muslims as “refugees” from war-torn failed states including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia.

Samuel Huntington wrote of the dangers multiculturalism posed towards the integrity of Western values in The Clash Of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

“Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-european civilization. It is, as one scholar said, a ‘movement opposed to the monocultural hegemony of Eurocentric values, which has greatly resulted in the marginalization of other ethnic cultural values…. [It is opposed to] narrow Eurocentric concepts of American democratic principles, culture, and identity.’ It is basically an anti-Western ideology. Multiculturalists advance several propositions. First, America is composed of many different ethnic and racial groups. Second, each of these groups has its own distinctive culture. This, the white Anglo elite dominant in American society has suppressed these cultures and compelled or induced those belonging to other ethnic or racial groups to accept the elite’s Anglo-Protestant culture. Fourth, justice, equality, and the rights of minorities demand that these suppressed cultures be liberated and that governments and private institutions encourage and support their revitalization. American is not and should not be a society with a single pervasive national culture. The melting pot and tomato soup metaphor do not describe the true America. America is instead a mosaic, a salad, or even a ‘tossed salad.’”

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