COZY: CNN’s Don Lemon Parties With Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Michael Avenatti

It's a small world — especially in the hob-nobby, tight-knit society of New York liberals.

CNN prime time host Don Lemon was photographed on Wednesday partying with Stormy Daniels’ obnoxious attorney Michael Avenatti — along with a couple other CNN talking heads.

According to a post on Twitter, Lemon and Avenatti were snapped living it up with CNN political analyst Errol Louis, a New York City journalist and television show host, and Margaret Hoover, a paid political contributor for CNN.

The tweet was first posted by someone named Juanita Scarlett, but was later deleted. She has been identified by Mediaite as the wife of Louis.

Luckily, a few people saved the original tweet.

“Thrilled to have met @MichaelAvenatti at the Sag Harbor soiree of my second favorite favorite on-air journalist @donlemon @errollous @MargaretHoover,” the tweet read.

Conservative writer Stephen Miller saved an image of the tweet for all the world to enjoy:

Another journalist also captured the tweet.

"The soiree was most likely at Lemon’s home since he purchased a place in Sag Harbor a couple of years ago," The Daily Caller reported. "Avenatti’s presence at the party seemed to confirm Lemon’s boyfriend’s hint to The Daily Caller News Foundation that the two are friends."

Avenatti has been interviewed 147 times on broadcast and cable news shows in just the last 10 weeks, a new study by Newsbusters finds.

More than half of those interviews (74) were on CNN, which almost certainly makes Avenatti the most ubiquitous guest in the network’s history. No guest — not Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders in 2016, nor Adam Schiff in 2017 — received anything close to the outpouring of free media coverage that CNN has bequeathed to Avenatti.

The media’s massive donation of publicity is obviously the main reason why Daniels and Avenatti have been able to use a crowd funding site to raise a whopping $500,000 to fund their anti-Trump lawsuits, with many of the thousands of anonymous donors citing the interviews as they make their gifts.

Now it all makes sense, right?

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