Richard Pryor's Son Bombs At Apollo Theater With Lame Anti-Trump Routine

Mason Pryor wants to follow his father Richard to stardom with his comedy.

So far, it's not going well.

Pryor the Younger — who sounds remarkably like his late father — took the stage at an iconic black theater last week for a standup comedy routine on Fox’s “Showtime at the Apollo." Somewhere in the middle of his set, the crowd began booing — and booing and booing.

The Apollo crowds are known for heckling performers they don't like. And they did not like Pryor. It got really ugly.

"Lotta' crazy stuff going on right now. Donald Trump is president!" Pryor said to open his act. "Nah, calm down. I'm not as mad as Facebook is. You read the messages: 'Oh, Donald Trump, that's the worst president ever.' I'm not the smartest man but 400 years of slavery and not one of them presidents made the cut?

"And the worst part is, I think I understand really what's the problem with Donald Trump. Everybody here in America knows the code: If you get caught cheating, you gotta' cut your side thing loose. Donald Trump's still on the phone at the White House talking to Russia. 'Hello? Hey, no, I want to talk to my man right now. You go get my Putin.'"

The groans started, and only got louder. "Is that you my Putin? I love you so much. I love the way you smell. I love the way your name comes off my lips."

The groans grew into boos and loud yells. Pryor stopped: "Boo? Have some respect." Oh, that set the crowd off, and dozens then stood, motioning to Pryor to get off the stage. "Sit down! Sit down! Ya'll not going to move me." But then the house band started playing and Pryor walked off.

Backstage, the camera cut quickly to Pryor: “I bombed when I shouldn’t have. I wasn’t funny.”

Host Steve Harvey, a standup pro, came onstage and chastised the audience. "I would just let him ride 'cuz of his daddy," he said. Then Harvey encouraged Pryor to return to the stage. And things got a bit better. He closed out his short set to applause.

"But boos erupted again, Harvey explained on his iHeartRadio show," the HuffPost wrote. "According to the host, Pryor told a woman in the audience in his return to the stage, 'Shut up, B,' and later picked up and dry-humped the tree stump that performers traditionally rub for luck ― and nearly dropped it."

See for yourself below.

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