GOOD: Chelsea Bomber Gets Life In Prison

On Tuesday, Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the man who set off a pressure cooker bomb in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in 2016, injuring 30 people, was sentenced to multiple terms of life in prison.

Last October, a jury found Rahimi, who also set off a bomb in Seaside, New Jersey, guilty of all eight charges against him, including using a weapon of mass destruction.

According to federal prosecutors, Rahimi had expressed no regret over his actions and had attempted to radicalize prisoners at the jail where he was held. They wrote, “He is proud of what he did, scornful of the American justice system, and as dedicated as ever to his terrorist ideology.”

Rahimi also planted another pressure cooker bomb four blocks away from the one that was detonated, but it never detonated. The first of the three bombs he planted was along the route of a Marine Corps charity race in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, but because of a last-minute change to the race schedule, no people were injured.

Two days after the bombing, Rahimi was arrested in New Jersey after a shootout with police.

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