In Bid To Remain On Reality Show, Former White House Aide Omarosa Attacks VP Mike Pence

"He thinks Jesus tells him to say things.”

Former Apprentice contestant and White House aide Omarosa Manigault is desperately trying to remain as one of the cast members on CBS's reality television program, "Celebrity Big Brother," and she appears to be trying to convince the audience that she will spill juicy details on President Donald Trump and his administration if she's allowed to stay.

Monday night, Omarosa decided to throw shade at Vice President Mike Pence, telling her fellow cast mates — who are all trapped in a house together — that Pence is a dangerous individual who should not be allowed to be president.

“You would be worried about Pence,” Omarosa told the gathered group. “We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president. He’s extreme. I’m Christian, I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things.”

She then told her competitors that she's seen the immigration plan.

“It’s getting more aggressive," Omarosa said, before warning the cast mates that "we are not going to be okay," after a Trump Presidency.

It's not clear what, exactly, Omarosa had access to during her time in the White House, but spilling gossip she gathered at the West Wing water cooler seems to be part of her strategy to avoid being voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Last week, Omarosa spoke about Trump's tweets, saying she tried to "reason" with the president to tone down his social media presence but was ultimately overruled.

The media, at least, is eating it up. Everyone from Entertainment Weekly to CNN ran with Omarosa's Pence commentary as their headline, and they're clearly anticipating what Omarosa intends to say on Tuesday night's episode.


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