Hillary Gets ROASTED For This Tweet After Reports That She Covered Up Sexual Crimes

"How is that 'standing up for women'???"

On Friday, news broke that twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refused to fire her "faith advisor" Burns Strider from her presidential campaign after he was credibly accused of sexually harassing a female aide.

Clinton, who is poised to go down as one of the biggest hypocrites in American political history, routinely champions women's rights while in the media spotlight, apparently only to ignore them when the cameras go off. She has a well-documented history of trying to destroy multiple women who credibly accused her husband of sexual crimes. The New York Times' report Friday adds yet another troubling incident to Clinton's already deeply troubling record.

Following the latest allegations about Strider, Clinton tweeted: "Thank you, @CecileRichards, for your tireless advocacy on behalf of women and girls, and for your grace under pressure over these last 12 years. And thank you to @PPFA for all you’ve done and continue to do to advance reproductive rights. Onward!"

Clinton's praise for Planned Parenthood President Cecil Richards' "advocacy" for women's rights drew sharp criticism across the social media platform, not only because of Richards' role in promoting the abortion of millions of unborn children — roughly half of whom were female — but also because of Clinton's record of failing to protect women:


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