WATCH 'The View' Celebrate ABC's Fake News On Trump And Flynn

"Christmas came early. Thank you, Santa!"

On Friday, the hosts and audience of "The View" shared a celebratory moment after host Joy Behar read a report by ABC News' Brian Ross declaring that "as a candidate" Donald Trump directed Michael Flynn to reach out to the Russians. "Christmas came early," Behar said in a moment she was so thrilled about that she tweeted a GIF of herself celebrating it.

Here's the video of the ecstatic celebration at "The View":

There is just one big problem: the report was "fake news."

Ross had one significant detail in his report wrong. In an instantly infamous "clarification" issued hours after his initial report, Ross explained that it wasn't candidate Trump but President-elect Trump who asked Flynn to reach out. In other words, the report was not the longed-for smoking gun the left-leaning media has been hoping for to finally prove their "collusion" narrative. Trump was simply doing what most president-elects do during the transition — begin the dialog between other world leaders.

After tweeting out a "clarification" and getting hammered for the phrasing, ABC deleted that initial tweet and reposted it as a "correction":

Long after ABC News reported the "clarification," however, Behar and company had still failed to retract their own report (and ecstatic response). As Twitchy points out, it wasn't until Kellyanne Conway called "The View" out on it that they finally pulled their #FakeNews tweet:

Read more on ABC News' botched report here.


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