A new app with makeup-removing capabilities called MakeApp is setting off a lot of feminists. The app, developed by Ashot Gabrelyanov, "removes" the makeup from women (or any user) in photos, producing a makeup-free image.

As noted by The Huffington Post, the unflattering application "uses an algorithm to figure out what a person in an uploaded photo or video might look like without" makeup, adding wrinkles and blemishes at times. One writer at The Verge used the app on her makeup-free face numerous times, eventually ending up with a photo she described as zombie-like.

Here are some examples:

While most honest women would likely not prefer an app that removes all their makeup, the Left went full-crazy, slandering the app as not only sexist, but as an act of violence. See Exhibit A, from, of course, a male feminist ally:

​The outrage continued:

There was also an onslaught of negative reviews of the "sexist" app online.

"Why do men like you hate women? That 'remove makeup' feature doesn't even look like me! It just makes my face super pixelated and it just looks like an overlay of an old lady's face," said one review.

Another review read: "I've no idea if this app works because it crashes before you get to do anything. But honestly, why would you want to shame women for wearing make up anyway?"

On the contrary, some users were more than pleased to strip women of their "fakery."

"Lol at women with makeup. No more fooling men with your fakery," one user wrote.

"I'm just downloading it before it gets taken down for 'oppressing women,'" said another.

Another reviewer was more succinct: "Feminists btfo."