FLASHBACK: Michael Moore LOVES Venezuelan Dictators

From high atop the hills of Hollywood, the celebrity Left has praised brutal socialist dictatorships with glee. When things go south, as they almost always do, these same socialist champions are nowhere to be found. Well, The Daily Wire is keeping them honest.

As a rabidly anti-American leftist director, Michael Moore is held up as an icon in liberal circles. In fact, he hates America so much that he's willing to praise countries that oppose everything America stands for even it means selling the people out in the process.

As Venezuela descends into chaos, Moore has stayed quiet about the bloodshed, violence, and starvation in what was once hailed as an egalitarian utopia by Bolivarian revolutionaries.

But here’s what he said not too long ago about the virtues of Venezuelan socialism:

Ironically, it’s Venezuela’s dependence on oil that has tanked its economy.

By destroying the private sector, the socialist government in Caracas turned a once-prosperous Venezuela into a single commodity market. In other words, the country’s fate hinged on the ebb and flow of the global oil market.

When the price of crude spiked, Venezuela’s economy went into free fall. All the money the government used to pay for welfare projects turned into unpayable debt because there was no longer adequate oil revenue coming in. As money for social programs dried up, people were left destitute. The “free health & education 4 all” that moronic Michael Moore referred to no longer exists. When it did exist, it was inaccessible to huge swaths of the population. The people that did receive these government services failed to benefit from education in the long term because there were no jobs.

The Daily Wire will continue to hold those who advocate for oppressive ideologies to account. This isn’t a joke. People are dying in the streets of Venezuela and Michael Moore continues to make boatloads of money making movies about how great socialism is.

It’s sick.


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