Feminist Writer: 'White People Are Evil'

Woke feminist writer and apparent racist Lara Witt took to Twitter on Saturday night to bash white people as "evil."

Lamenting a post from The Guardian about a mixed race woman being told she was white by her mother growing up, Witt, who has contributed useless and divisive works to Teen Vogue and other feminist rags, made it clear that "whiteness" is evil.

The racist tweet quickly garnered attention, receiving over 1,000 retweets from fellow Twitter users.

By tweeting this, Witt is showcasing to the world just how "woke" she really is. The blogger will no doubt stack up some important Cool Points in the eyes of social justice leftists who love to fight vague, unidentified racism with anti-white racism.

But apparently, as highlighted by Heat Street, Witt is a master at stacking up leftist Cool Points.

For instance, she trashes men: 10 points!

She also engages in the ultimate leftist Cool act of Israel bashing: 25 points!

The woke feminist claims to be biracial and married to a white male, who is presumably inherently evil due to his skin ... as is she, partly?

As noted by Factual Feminist Christian Hoff Sommers:


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