Another Yuge MSM Black Eye: Trump Tax Rate Higher Than Obama's, Bernie's, and NBC's!

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and her employer, NBC News, will hopefully never be allowed to live down the total disaster that was the Peacock Network's decision to CaponeVault the biggest non-story in the history of non-stories. But make no mistake, last night was yet-another massive black eye for all of our national media, an institution that for nearly a year has been smearing President Trump as a tax cheat who is nowhere near as wealthy as he claims.

The truth about Trump's taxes, as we now know it, is quite the opposite of the MSM's Narrative. In a single year (2005), Trump made a whopping $153 million. On top of that, he paid $36.5 million in taxes, which, according to the AP, is an "effective tax rate of 25%." As Matt Drudge is currently pointing out, that puts Trump's tax rate well above that of millionaire Barry Obama's (19%), well above socialist Bernie Sanders' (13%), just over Joe Biden's (23%), and above that of the massive multinational corporation, Comcast, that owns MSNBC (24%).

Moreover, we actually now know what Trump has paid in federal taxes for 7 years, starting with 1975. For three of those years, ('78, '79, '95), he lost money, which obviously means he paid no taxes. For the other four years ('75, '76, '77, and now '05), he paid the respective tax rates of 25%, 44%, 36% and 25%.

But-but-but how can this be, when…

With less evidence than Trump has of Obama's wiretaps (and there is evidence), Hillary Clinton told me Trump paid "nothing in federal taxes." And yet the very same media attacking Trump over his "unsubstantiated" claims never once made Hillary pay a price for her unsubstantiated claims.

How can this be, when…

Chris Matthews told me Trump is hiding the fact he's "not paying taxes."

How can this be, when…

The New York Times told me Trump probably "avoided taxes for nearly two decades."

How can this be, when…

CNN told me Trump might have "skip[ped] paying federal income taxes for years."

How can this be, when…

ABC News told me Trump "may have avoided paying federal income tax for nearly two decades because of the loss that appears to be declared on the 1995 forms[.]"

How can this be, when…

NBC News' oh-so esteemed First Read published quote after quote about the "bombshell" claim that Trump avoided taxes for years.

How can this be, when…

Politico told me Trump may have used his 1995 losses to "cancel out an equivalent amount of taxable income over an 18-year period[.]

As though they are not themselves guilty of the same when it comes to all things Trump, Maddow's colleagues in the media are now making fun of her overheated presentation. But who was it that spent a full year setting this story up as the biggest bombshell since Watergate, as the Holy Grail of Scoops?

And our media has intentionally done this despite the fact that everything we do know about Trump's taxes points to him being a legal taxpayer.

It is certainly fair for Democrats to demand to see Trump's taxes. It is even fair for Democrats to assume the worst about the unseen. That's politics. And the media should report on the Democrats' approach to the issue, no question. But in the case of Trump's taxes (and all things Trump), the media has spent the last year doing the Democrats' job for them – you know, the same media that had absolutely no interest in Barry Obama's hidden school records or his shady home purchase with felon Tony Rezko or his serial-lying about his long-term relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers…

What makes the media's worst assumptions especially dishonest is one simple fact: In all the years Trump has been a public figure, and we are talking about four decades now, he has never once had a single tax lien filed against him – we know this because tax liens would be made public. And let's also not forget that, unlike Obama's school records and Hillary Clinton's 30,000 deleted yoga emails, a disinterested third party HAS seen Trump's taxes, namely the IRS.

For going on 40 years, the IRS appears to have been perfectly satisfied with the way in which Trump has conducted his business.

That should means something to "the free press."

But we don’t have a "free press."

All we have is a propaganda branch of the DNC that disguises itself as "the free press."

And now, thanks to NBC's epic fail last night, we know that the totally-phony RussiaGate story is not the only "scandal" being driven by nothing more than a corrupt media's coordinated innuendo campaign.

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