Pro-Black Lives Matter Protester: 'We Need To Start Killing People'

On Saturday night, a protester of unspecified gender wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, who claimed to be a pre-school teacher, seized a megaphone and told a crowd protesting against President Trump, “we need to start killing people” and “we need to start killing the White House.”

The protester ranted, “F*** white supremacy, f*** the U.S. empire, f*** your imperialist ass lives. That s**t gotta go,” adding that white people should make reparations to “black and indigenous people right now.” The Blaze reported the rant allegedly came in Seattle.

The protester wasn’t done: “White people, give your f***ing money, your f***ing house, your f***ing property, we need it f***ing all! Pay the f*** up. Pay the f*** up. It ain’t just your f***ing time, it’s your f***ing money, and now your f***ing life is devoted to social change.”

Having reached what seemed like the acme of idiocy, the protester, unsatisfied, pushed farther: “And we need to start killing peopleFirst off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f***ing White House, your f***ing presidents, they must go! F** the White House!”

The adoring crowd cheered the protester as another protester echoed: “Burn it!”

The raving lunatic continued by ripping the other protesters for being “fixated” on the November election, then slammed former President Barack Obama, noting he “deported so many f***ing people” and adding, “capitalism is … f***ing racism.”

The moonbat didn’t just target presidents; but continued by targeting police, telling the protesters, “Throw that f***ing cop car in the garbage. That s**t has got to go. That s**t has got to go. F*** all that s**t.”

For the grandiose peroration, the protester finished, “F*** your respectability. F*** you side-eyeing motherf***ers, ’cause I know … in the back of your f***ing head y’all got s***t to dismantle, whether it’s your motherf***ing patriarchy, your motherf***ing anti-blackness, anti-queerness … not recognizing black and brown trans, queer, women and femmes and non-binary people have motherf***ing led the f***ing way. So kiss their motherf***ing feet and give them your f***ing money and walk the f*** away after.”

Video below:


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