SICK: Palestinians Celebrate Death of Four Israelis After Terrorist Attack

As The Daily Wire reported Sunday, “a Palestinian man used a truck to ram into a crowd of Israelis, murdering three female soldiers, an Israeli man, and injuring at least 15 more soldiers. All of the dead were in their twenties.” The attack occurred in the city of Jerusalem. As Israel mourned its dead, the people of Palestine launched macabre celebrations:

These weren’t spontaneous celebrations by a few bad actors. Praise for the terrorist came from the top of the Palestinian leadership chain, placing a rubber stamp on a Jew-hating culture of death:

From circulating perversely satirical cartoons mocking dead Jews to passing out sweets to soon-to-be indoctrinated children, the Palestinian people welcomed the “martyrdom” of the terrorist who rammed his truck into unsuspecting Israelis with the kind of glee reserved for birthdays and weddings:

Unfortunately, this culture of hate is deeply embedded in Palestinian society, both in Gaza and the West Bank. Like clockwork, Palestinians leave their homes and places of worship to celebrate the death of Jews almost every time an Islamic terrorist straps a bomb on his chest and yells “Allahu Akbar.”

“From cradle to grave, indoctrination against Israelis and Jews is centrally institutionalized by the Palestinian leadership,” writes Michael Dickson for The Times of Israel. “The propaganda spans genres, from formal education to media and the internet, from official speeches, to provisions for youth to sports and cultural activities.”

Children’s television shows, social media campaigns, and terrorist-glorification summer camps are all part of a coordinated strategy to turn the next generation of Palestinians into anti-Semites intent on becoming Islamic martyrs.

As the blood of Israelis spills across the sacred grounds of Jerusalem, Palestinians leap for joy, hoping that the Obama-backed United Nations demonizes the Jewish State for housing construction.


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