Democrats across the country seem prepared to elevate Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) to lead the Democratic National Committee. Steve Bannon, the chief strategist for Donald Trump, has undergone severe and deserved scrutiny for his warmth toward the anti-Semitic and racist alt-right – but Bannon’s record is nothing compared with Ellison’s. And Ellison has been endorsed by figures including Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

But the media – and left-wing Jews exercised over Bannon -- seem utterly unconcerned about Ellison’s anti-Semitic history. That’s only because he’s a Democrat. Here’s the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt on Ellison:

We spoke with the leadership in the Jewish community in Minnesota who confirmed what ADL and other national organizations have seen: that Keith Ellison is a man of good character. We have seen him through his work in Congress as an important ally in the fight against anti-Semitism and for civil rights. He has been on the record in support of Israel and supports a two-state solution. However, the Congressman also has made statements and taken positions, especially regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on the JCPOA, on which we strongly differ and that concern us. We hope that all candidates for this post will make clear where they stand on these issues and that the Democratic National Committee will make a choice that affirms the long-standing bipartisan consensus on a strong US-Israel relationship. In addition, we want to make clear to those who disagree with Congressman Ellison that in doing so, there is no room for innuendo or slander because of his race or faith.

This is utter nonsense. Ellison has trafficked in anti-Semitism for years, taken money from anti-Semites, and openly worked to undercut the security of the state of Israel. As Joel Mowbray writes at The Daily Caller, “The man poised to head the Democratic Party was a spokesman for the Nation of Islam well into his 30’s who publicly spewed anti-Semitism and later in life as a Congressional candidate knowingly accepted $50,000 in campaign contributions given and raised by Islamic radicals who openly supported Islamic terrorism and were leaders of front groups for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.” It’s worth noting that during the period in which Ellison defended the Nation of Islam, spokespeople were openly Jew-hating – in 1995, Ellison led a rally featuring Khalid Abdul Mohammed, who proceeded to explain, “if words were swords, the chests of Jews, gays and whites would be pierced.” Ellison also defended Louis Farrakhan, a brutal anti-Semite, as “not a racist…not an anti-Semite.” At the time, Ellison identified himself as Keith X Ellison.

The horror doesn’t end there. In 2007, Ellison openly compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire, suggested that it benefitted Jews, and said that the event was an excuse to target Muslims. Ellison also voted against Iron Dome funding to protect Israel from rocket attack, and pushed for Israel to relieve its blockade against the terrorist group Hamas. (He wrote in the Washington Post, “As I have talked with ordinary Gazans, I have not encountered anyone representing Hamas.” Hamas runs the Gaza Strip.) Ellison openly associates with the Campaign to End The Israeli Occupation, a virulently anti-Israel interest group that labels Democrats like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) an “Israel Firster.”

Democrats are running from all of this. Here’s Josh Kraushaar of National Journal:

One of the more disgusting aspects of political media coverage is the utter unwillingness to criticize Democrats. That holds true for groups that are supposed to stand up to anti-Semitism like the ADL, which has spent an appropriate amount of time and energy targeting the despicable alt-right, but then lets the Democrats off the hook for considering a man with a Jew-hating record like Keith Ellison.