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Trudeau, Travel, and “The Science”

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastAug 22, 2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent covid mandates - specifically on travel bans for those who choose not to get vaccinated - have arguable basis in science, logic, and precedent. Today Dr. Jordan B Peterson sits down with five experts investigating the matter from all angles, including Rupa Subramanya, one of few Canadian journalists who dared to report an alternative perspective on the now infamous trucker protest that took place in Ottawa. Shaun Rickard and Karl Harrison, represented by lawyer Sam Presevolos, are three proud Canadians currently entangled in a lawsuit with their own government over Trudeau’s travel bans on public transport. Bruce Pardy is a Canadian writer in the field of ecology and law. He is the author of “Ecolawgic: The Logic of Ecosystems and the Rule of Law."

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