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They Took Our Daughter | Todd & Krista Kolstad

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastMar 4, 2024

Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks in-person with Todd and Krista Kolstad. They discuss their ongoing court battle with the state of Montana surrounding the removal of their daughter from their home, and then to Canada, for lack of gender affirmation.

Krista Cummins-Kolstad was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. After mortuary school, she moved to Flathead County, Montana where she spent the next 13 years as a licensed mortician and funeral director. She married Todd Kolstad in 2017 and recently moved to Glasgow Montana to give her daughter a fresh start. She has been working with her husband Todd at his company, Montana Technical Solutions since 2021.

A Glasgow, Montana native, Todd Kolstad spent his high school years in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He served in the Air Force from 1987 to 1991 mostly stationed in Kadena Air Base with the 12th tactical fighter squadron. After his military service he worked for Siemens nuclear power for 10yrs doing nuclear instrumentation. He then worked for KLA-Tencor performing laser alignment robotics globally. He then returned to the glasgow Montana area and started the company he has today: Montana Technical Solutions. Todd has five children with his ex wife. He moved to the flathead valley area where he met and married Krista Cumm.

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Given Send Go campaign to help with legal fees https://www.givesendgo.com/GBMG9

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