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A Realistic Conversation About Energy and the Planet | Scott Tinker

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastFeb 1, 2024

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with geologist, educator, energy expert, and documentary filmmaker Scott Tinker. They discuss the ARC conference, the glacial periods throughout Earth's geological history, where we are now in the cycle, the gross fallacy of the Net Zero movement, the harsh realities of energy in the developing world, and the necessary balancing we can do right now in order to uplift all people, in all places.

Dr. Scott Tinker is an American geologist, educator, energy expert, and documentary filmmaker. Tinker has appeared in more than 20 documentary films with the intent to communicate scientific ideas to the general public. The 2012 film “Switch” presents a scientifically based look at the global energy transition. It's been screened in over 600 colleges and has gained a following for the Switch Energy Alliance, which brings in young people to learn about the processes of sustainable energy firsthand, while broadening discussion on the matter in an open format setting. Tinkers’ PBS show “Energy Switch” is a point counterpoint talk show that features energy communicators, experts, authors, and pundits.

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2024 tour details can be found here https://jordanbpeterson.com/events

Peterson Academy https://petersonacademy.com/

For Scott Tinker:

Switch On (Film) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk75bD-C3H4

Switch Energy Alliance https://switchon.org/about/leadership/

Watch Energy Switch (Show) https://www.pbs.org/show/energy-switch/

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