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Sex, Death, & Storytelling | Andrew Klavan

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastFeb 26, 2024

Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with author and podcaster Andrew Klavan. They discuss the beauty in the “tough guy with a purpose” archetype that inspired Klavan to write, the loss of idealism in main characters, the eye-rolling anti-realism in media portrayals of young women, and how superhero films have ushered in an era of storytelling devoid of human nature, and why most new stories and adaptations feel deeply empty.

Andrew Klavan is an American podcaster, essayist, and novelist. He has written more than 30 novels since 1977. His podcast, the Andrew Klavan show, has been a staple for years, though Klavan has had other similar shows produced by companies such as Truth Revolt and the Blaze. Klavan has also produced modern “radio plays” for the DW with “Another Kingdom,” which has three seasons. Notably, Klavan was born jewish, but in his adult life converted to Christianity. Andrew grew up as one of four sons in Great Neck, Long island. His father, Gene Klavan, was a NY disc jockey. Andrews 1995 novel, True Crime, was adapted into the hit film by Clint Eastwood. His novel Don’t Say A Word was adapted into a film of the same name starring Michael Douglass. Many of his other works, along with original screenplays, have also been produced.

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Watch the Andrew Klavan Show on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@AndrewKlavan

Andrew Klavan’s newest book, “The House of Love and Death” https://www.amazon.com/House-Death-Cameron-Winter-Mysteries/dp/1613164467

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