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Discussing Impact Investment and ESG's with a BlackRock Executive | Terrence Keeley

The Jordan B. Peterson PodcastJan 1, 2024

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with investment expert and author Terrence Keeley. They discuss the recent success of the ARC conference, the reality of climate narratives and the ESG mafia, the cost effective solutions to some of our most pressing problems, and the positive side of societal betterment via impact investing.

Terrence Keeley is an American investment expert and author who has worked with and managed some of the largest investment organizations in the world. Besides having been an executive at Blackrock, Terrence also founded and served as the Senior Managing Principal of Sovereign Trends, LLC, an advisory firm for and about sovereign institutions. From 1987-2010 he was a senior managing director at UBS Investment Bank, where he oversaw the firm’s transactional and advisory relations with central banks, sovereign wealth funds, ministries of finance, public pension funds, and multilateral organizations, including the IMF and World Bank.

Terrence served as a consultant to Pope Francis’ financial reform commission, overseeing the Vatican bank. He is also a founding director of the Financial Hippocratic Oath movement. From 1982-85 he served as one of the first young trustees on the Notre Dame Board. Today he is also a frequent commentator/author on all issues relating to international finance, cross-border capital movements and global financial governance. He is married to Saskia Bory of Geneva, Switzerland. Their two sons attended the Lycée Français de New York.​

This episode was recorded on October 13th, 2023

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Sustainable (Book)
Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Sustainable-Moving-Beyond-Impact-Investing/dp/0231206801
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